Delhi’s Finest Italian Restaurant, La Piazza, Completes 25 Years

The book covers some old and new pictures and also quotes from the team that started La Piazza in 1994. Various guests for whom La Piazza was and is a top choice of restaurant in the city are also featured.

The celebrations were not confined only to best food and great wines. It also included the launch of a Special Book to celebrate the occasion.

And one such restaurant that has been shining bright ever since its inception is La Piazza at Hyatt Regency, New Delhi.

In today’s world where many restaurants are getting shut, there are a few others that hold their ground and shine more with each passing day.

La Piazza completes its 25 years of existence and needless to say it’s going strong and to celebrate, they had invited some regular patrons and media representatives to be part of the event.

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I was lucky to turn a few pages of the book and it seems to be a biography of the glorious journey of this 25 year old.

Once you climb those flight of steps at La Piazza, you surrender yourself to a world that’s very different from where you stepped in from. The aroma of the breads, the colour of the walls, the paintings of bygone era, they all become a part of you & leave you with is a huge smile and a big appetite.

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In the short span of time that I was there at La Piazza I had the focaccia bread and some pizzas along with a platter of antipasto.

Focaccia bread was super soft and perfect in taste. Needless to say I helped myself twice more. They were accompanied with best of antipasto platter that had combination of meats, cheese and vegetables.

All of them were relished with sips of wine. They have a wide array of them. I tried some and the best one for me turned out to be the one suggested by Sid Mathur Bhai, Peppoli 2015.

While I stepped out of La Piazza, I smiled and said bye to the Iconic Renato Oven (the first one in India), and promised to be back soon.

Peppoli 2015 comes from the House of Antinori family. Antinori family has been committed to the art of wine-making since 1385.

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