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Rabbri, Lacche waali or DaaneDaar?

For me, Lacche WaalI Rabbri wins any day compared to Daanedaar Rabri. Na na Daanedaar Rabri mein dikkat nahi hai, Par Lacchedaar is better , Its the Traditional way to make and Mehnat waala kaam hai, Taste to accha hai

desi atta company

Desi Atta – New Member of your Kitchen

At the very outset let me tell you that Im a Big fan of Kishore Biyani Sahab. He is the Man who understands Indian Consumer like nobody does. I have also shared one of my learnings from his Book in

Imly Express Dwarka | It’s here!

Imly completes 2 years this week and is very close to us as we ran our first Promo for Mister Tikku Members here. The promo was that every Mister Tikku Member gets a Free Bunta and a Jalebi Platter (

Churu ki Special Jalebi-Ghewar

While Entering Churu in our Car, We noticed some Sweet Shops Selling Jalebi like Stuff. We made a mental note to eat it later in the day. Next Morning when we spotted it at a Sweet Shop we were told

This is not Tea, This is “Anti Gravi-Tea”

On 10 Dec 2014 we were really tired after having a hectic day. That was also the very fist day of our “Chennai Express” Trip. To avoid the traffic on the main roads we decided to switch on our Google

Pritam Singh Churann Wale- Defence Colony

Last Week at Defence Colony, I Met this Gentle Man Pritam Singh. What got me talking to Pritam jee was board on his Cycle Saying, “Lakkar Hajam, Patthar Hajam Churann” He told that his formula is 60 years old  & was