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Farzi Cafe Aerocity – Taking us Higher

Over the past 5 years, I have eaten at many Farzi Cafes and that too more than 20 times and at various Outlets in various Cities and Countries. Every experience is a Delight and we were expecting nothing less when

Big Tree – An Oasis In Gurgaon

Normally I do not visit Gurgaon for Reviews. Time bahut lag jaata hai and somehow poora Din bhi kharaab ho jaata hai And when I got an invite to check out Newly opened The Big Tree Cafe on Golf Course


29 Top Places In Delhi To Have Best Chole Bhature

Yeh Dilli hai meri jaan, bas Chole Bhature aur Pyaaz! Admit it, the perfect start to a lazy Sunday morning can be from a good brunch! Sundays are meant for cheat days and all the junk that we can possibly


Yeh Shor Sureela bhi hai aur Swadisht bhi!

Dean family se apna purana rishta hai. Connected with Rupali Dean jee way back 2012 when I read one of her articles in an F&B magazine. We somehow struck a chord and stayed in touch and then she was kind


“ROOH” – a Soulful Experience

“Rooh” , Naam hi aisa hai ki Rooh khush ho jaaye. And iss regard mein Rooh pehli baar khush hui when I was at a Starbucks event and met Priyam Bhai. The Rockstar Chef from Q-La informed me that he

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Tasty Hot Food at 35000 feet in the Air

Exactly 3 years back I was in Kuala Lumpur at Air Asia’s office trying the New Food menu. The Santan Food Menu. I was extremely delighted to be a part of the activity then, and it continued every year, I

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Asian Haus Delight

Naam to bahut Suna tha, Food Fest mein bhi bahut khaaya tha Par kabhi order nahi kiya because they don’t deliver in West Delhi abhi. I’m talking about Asian Haus. A concept that is focussed on Gourmet Delivery of Pan

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Aaj kiya Farzi par naya menu Try

To Enjoy the First few sentences, please read it as a Poetry 🙂 “Kal kiya Farzi Café, Cyber Hub par naya menu Try, Kuch usme se tha tandoori, Kuch tha fry, Kuch tha Meetha kuch tha Teekha, Kuch samajh mein aaya and Jo


Biryani By Kilo Dine-in CP

Few days back a Biryani Lover told me “Only Aliens would not Love Biryani, Everyone else does” I replied “Biryani Aisi cheez hai ki Aliens bhi Love Karte honge” and I’m sure all of you would agree. Biryani Cheez hi