The Ideal List of Heavenly Food Joints For Rajma Chawal In Delhi

One whole meal of Rajma Chawal with Sirca Pyaaz, Hari Chutney, Hari Mirch, Papad and your day is sorted. Punjabis cannot function without having it after every second day but now the dish has become a favourite of every North Indian. Though nothing can beat Mummyy ke haath ke Rajma Chawal, here are a few places in Delhi that serve amazing Rajma Chawal and will make you feel like home!

1. Baba Nagpal Corner – Amar Colony

rajam rice
Rajma chawal with rice

Photo Courtesy Of: Ankur Gulati/Flickr 

This place needs no introduction. The mouth-watering Chawal with Rajma on top served with onions and green chutney is what you need after a long day of shopping in the market.

Head to 7/25, Old Double Storey, Gupta Market, Lajpat Nagar 4

Pay INR 70 for a plate

Call at 9871786680

2. Evergreen Sweet House – Green park

Every Delhite has been to Evergreen Sweets at least once in their lifetime as it is a well known name to millions of food lovers. It is popular for its iconic sweets but what we didn’t know was that they serve appetizing dishes as well. They have a number of dishes, but Rajma Chawal is on top in terms of taste and is highly recommended.

I was always a fan of their sweets but now a bigger fan for their Rajma Chawal.

Head to S-29 & 30, Main Market, Green Park

Pay INR 160 for a plate

Call at 011-26514646

3. Parashar Foods – Shankar Market

Connaught place is known for places to party and luxury dining. But, little did we know it is also famous for small joints serving great food. One of them and probably one of them famous is Parashar Foods. I simply love how they mix boondi raita, pickles,onions, papad together and serve.

Head to 1, Shankar Market, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Pay INR 60 for a plate

Call at 9891222296

4. Little Punjab – SDA

rajma chawal
rajma rice

Photo Courtesy Of: Sparsh Ahuja 

SDA has recently got a makeover with all the new restaurants opening up. But there are a few things that never change about a place, no matter what happens. One such hidden gem in the market is Little Punjab, serving delightful Rajma Chawal since decades.

Head to C-6, SDA Market, SDA, New Delhi

Pay INR 60 for a plate

Call at 9891705111

5. Snack Junction – Nehru place

Not a very popular joint but serving decent food. They have good options for chinese platters, but Rajma Chawal is a must have.

Head to G-5, 56, Eros Apartments, Nehru Place

Pay INR 55 for a plate

Call at  011-41607687

6. Jain Chawal Wale – Connaught Place

Do i really need to say something about this place? It is one of the most famous joint in central CP serving one of the best Rajma Chawal. If you crave for home made food, this if the place for you. The best part is they serve Jain Food, there are hardly any restaurants for that and that too at an affordable rate.

Head to P-1/190, Connaught Circus, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Pay INR 70 for a plate

Call at 011-23360780

7. New Punjab Khana- Nehru Place

Rajma rice
Plate full of rajma rice

Photo Courtesy Of: Neetu Suri 

When in Nehru Place, this is the place that you shouldn’t miss. They serve tastiest Rajma Chawal. Typical Punjabi taste, flavours and spiciness. They have great quality as well as quantity.

Head to G-7/35-36, Aggarwal Bhawan, Nehru Place

Pay INR 65 for a plate

Call at 8527424714

8. Sona Sweets Sri Udipi Restaurant – Nehru Place

jeera rice and rajma rice
rajma rice with jeera rice

Nehru place has a number of restaurants that can’t be missed. It is one of iconic food joints in Delhi, serving variety of food. Their Rajma Rice is what stand out from the rest.

Head to 97, Nehru Place, New Delhi

Pay INR 90 for a plate

Call at  11-26426777

9. Birbal Dhaba- Jangpura

This was recommended to me by a friend, and i have not been disappointed even once. If you are craving for dhaba style food, you should definitely try out this place. They make your food according to your preference. I like my food spicy and my plate of Rajma Chawal was spicy and just the way i like it to be. The delivery was quick too.

Head to Shop 35, Shastri Market, Bhogal, Jangpura

Pay INR 150 (approx.)

Call at  9650867120

Featured Photo Courtesy Of: Abe Oye/Flickr

10. Shop no. 232 – Sadar Bazar

This 50 year old shop serve Rajma chawal like you’ve never had before , Chawal + Rajma + Palak Paneer =  Hatke Rajma Chawal. One plate has Chawal topped with Palak Paneer and Rajma of course served with pickle and onions! The spicy Rajma Chawal are simply delightful.

Head to Shop Number 232, Sadar Bazaar

Pay INR 90 for a plate 

11. Gole Hatti – Chandni Chowk

Old Delhi is famous for it’s delicacies. There are so many popular stores that are here in the market since years. Gole Hatti being one of them, serving mouth watering dishes.  They are famous for their chole bhature but what many people don’t know is that they serve great chole palak chawal, and chhole kulche. And if you ask, they also serve Rajma Chawal in Kullad. Everyhing just tastes better in Kullad. And if you haven’t tried it yet, you should asap!

Head to 2-4, Church Mission Road, Fatehpuri, Chandni Chowk

Pay INR 150 for two 

Call at  011-23978934

12. Gianis Di Hatti – Chandni chowk 

Though the place is famous for their Faludas, one can also try their Rajma Chawal and Chole Bhature. I have been visiting this place since my childhood, and the place has the same old vibe and same old taste. I am glad that nothing has changed about this place. 

Head to 651/52, Church Mission Road, Fatehpuri, Chandni Chowk

Pay INR 150 for two (approx) 

Call at 011-23936174

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