Opera Food Walk – More Saving, More Eating, Less Talk


Some days back that I received a call from an Opera Representative on how can we collaborate and see for ourselves how useful the Opera Max App is and how It helps us save data through compression technology and manage data usage.

We brainstormed and filtered down to a plan wherein we would have 5 Top food Bloggers of Delhi and together we shall venture into the Mecca Of Food in India i.e. Chandni Chowk and cover 5 top places to eat.

We shall use Instagram, FB, FBLive, and Twitter as we do normally by using Opera App and see for ourselves how effective it is.

So, on the appointed date 5 of us, Karan Dua of Dil Se Foodie, Ankit Sharma of CrazeMag, Gurinder Singh, Prakriti Arora representing Delhi Food Walks and your truly from www.MisterTikku.com reached Chandi Chowk Station at 10 and headed towards our destination Chaina Ram in eRickshaws.


There we were greeted by the Opera team headed by their Marketing Head South Asia,Mr. Fahad Khan- Fahad Noor.

He also told us how Opera has come up  with its new app called Opera Max which saves a considerable amount of data. While you are surfing though Mobile Data or Wi-Fi Opera Max runs in the background and saves dta for you.



Bas, fir hum ho gaye teyarr and ordered Poori Cholle from Chaina Ram. The shop has been selling sweets at the same place for 100 + Years.

The Poori’s were Great… Cholle were spicy and the pickles that came along tangy. Since it was a long food walk, we preferred to order thora and sabne share kiya. Aage bahut khana hai Bhai 🙂


After Eating, Clicking some shots and instagramming we moved to another 65 year old, legend Giani’s.

Giani’s started a small Rabri Faluda shop here 65 years back and today has grown to more than 200 shops selling its signature Ice Creams. I tried to do something new with the place and hence did a short FB Live Video. This was my first experience with FB live, and though I was nervous, it ended well with lots of appreciation messages. And yes ek galti ho gayi, I held the phone camera at wrong angle.


Here is the Video

Arre haan, wahaan mast masti mein recorded Boomerang with all my mates and then have clubbed them into a single video. Believe me its fun. You shall view multiple times for sure 🙂

Uske baad we took eRickshaws and headed towards the other side of Chandni Chowk called Chawri bazaar. Waise, I have to say that you need to see the Chawri bazaar Metro Station ek baar. The Only Station in India that was done with minimum surface space. 80% of the Metro station was constructed through tunnels and it looks amazing too. Oh yes, it’s also the deepest Metro Station 🙂

At Chawri bazaar, we stopped at the 80 year old Shop serving Kulle ki Chaat. Ab this is a unique one because here they pick up any one fruit like Cucumber, Tomato, Water melon etc and make a small bowl out of it and stuff it with a spicy mixture of Anaar, Fruit seeds, Cholle, Aloo etc and as you take your bite you can taste many varied flavours bursting in your mouth. This is a unique place and one can see many people queuing up for kulle ki chaat.


Now we were ready for my favourite destination, Jain Coffee House. It has this super Unique concept called Fruit Sandwiches. In Fruit Sandwiches, Slices of various Fruits (Mango, Apple, Cheeku etc.)  as per your liking are placed on a buttered/Jammed Bread and your sandwiches are ready.


2016-09-22-11-54-56I have been going here for past 5 years and have every time come back satisfied. If you are a Coffee person then do try their Cold Coffee too.

Waise we did a short Live Video here too. Here is the LINK.


Now after enough of Vegetarian food, our Non Veg side of tummy started asking us for some Mutton, Chicken and we headed to Jama Masjid Side.


Here there are any eateries to have Mutton Stew, Nalli Nihari, Khameeri Rotis, Biryani etc. However my favourite has been Old Jawahar. Though our tummy had little space but we gorged on the dishes we ordered and each one was a delight to have.



Though our Tummies were happy but we became sad as we realization dawned that this amazing #OperaFoodWalk is about to end.

It was a lovely day with amazing friends having great food. And we were also delighted to download Opera Browser that has already saved me 25 MB of data in 3hours.
Looking forward to many more messages like this where we are informed on how much data we have saved. I’m sure is mahine se I shall save around Rs. 400 per month on my mobile bill.  🙂

Have you Downloaded Opera Max Yet?
Nahi?? Arre karo na 🙂


Link to Playstore: Opera Browser


And if you want to know some technical Stuff, Then here it is

Brief of Opera Max

Key Features:

  • Save megabytes of data while using popular apps like YouTube, Netflix, Line, Instagram, Google Chrome, Gaana, Pandora, Slacker Radio, and more
  • Monitor apps to see which ones consume the most data
  • Manage your data consumption and extend your data plan
  • Boost Wi-Fi speeds and save more data
  • Control how much data you use while roaming
  • Prevent apps from using background data
  • Save up to 50% of your data when watching videos on YouTube or your favorite shows and movies on Netflix
  • Save up to 40% of your data on popular music-streaming apps like YouTube Music, Gaana, Saavn, Pandora, and Slacker Radio

In addition to Opera Max, Opera’s popular browser Opera Mini can also help save data and do more with your data plan. Below is a brief introduction to the features on Opera Mini.


The Opera Mini browser for Android lets you do everything you want to online without wasting your data plan. It’s a fast, safe browser that saves you tons of data, and lets you download videos from social media. 

New features
• Block ads – Opera Mini has a built-in ad blocker, so you can surf the web without annoying ads.

  • Video download– A browser that supports video download. No time to watch videos? No problem. Tap the new download button and watch them when you’re ready. (Doesn’t work on YouTube videos, though – sorry!)
  • Add to home screen– Add the sites you visit most to your mobile home screen with a single click.Why Choose Opera Mini?• Keep track of your data – You can check your savings in the settings menu and see how much data Opera Mini saves you.
    • Multi-task – Keep lots of pages open at once with tabs.
    • Browse privately – We all have pages we don’t want to remember visiting. If you don’t want something saved in your history, you can browse incognito with private tabs.
    • Smarter downloads – Download files in the background and hold off downloading larger files until you’re back on Wi-Fi. Opera Mini will let you know as soon as your downloads are complete. Just click the notification to open your download – no more digging around in folders.



So, Happy Surfing, Happy Saving, Do More with OPERA 🙂

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