Few Students kept me busy last week!

Gaya to mein unko Evaluate karne tha par seekhkar khud bahut kuch aaya.

The platform was “Smart India Hackathon 2020

Smart India Hackathon 2020 is World’s biggest open innovation model involving 4.5 lakh students, 2000+ educational institutions, 1000+ mentors, 1500+ evaluators, 70+ problem statements

A hackathon jo ab tak offline hota tha par pehli baar aise online hua.

Sab kuch!

Creating the Product Bhi, Presentation Bhi, Improving it Bhi, Mentoring Bhi, and Evaluation too.

Laksh of Students applied and Thousands competed for different problem Statements. The one that we evaluated was about the use of Virtual Reality (VR) in Tourism

Now let me share my learnings

  • Everything happened online starting from the Introduction of SIH 2020 & Our Orientation as Evaluators. Possibilities with a combination of various Tools like Google meet, Slack and other software is infinite
  • All students were in the 19-20 Age group and had a GREAT hold on the subject. Super Knowledgeable and Super Confident
  • They all Worked & Presented like TEAM and that too in Pandemic jahaan sab Virtual tha
  • They had 3 Presentation Sessions of 25 Mins Each spread over 3 days. And each day we saw a huge Jump in the Quality of the product and also how they Incorporated all our Queries/Suggestions in their product. Reactions were Super Quick
  • Barring 1, Each team had almost equal or more number of Girls in them and here we are talking about a Hard Core Technology product(Unlike the Perception). 2 out of 5 teams were led by women, and the winning team was one of those.

I am not a technology Expert, but Contributed more like a Consumer & did my bit on Storyline, Branding, User Experience, Detailing & Revenue.

India has a great future with Students like them 🙂

Thanks, Ravi Ranjan Bhai for recommending my name 🙂

#SmartIndiaHackathon2020 #SIH2020

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