Mister Tikku – 1 Din ka Judge

This was a First of its Kind for me!
After politely rejecting (Kuch bhi JUDGE karna asaan nahi hota) many Cooking related competitions I accepted this one did my best to add value to all associated with this Event πŸ™‚

The organisers COWE added my Phulkari waali pic on the Invitation and I decided ki yehi pehen kar jaayenege.

Ab ek din pehle shayad maine kuch galat kha liya and that impacted by Digestion BADLY. So subah had to pop two pills of Lomofin and then after 2 hours 2 more.

Finally I was able to think of going to the event. I really wanted to.

Bas then Cab pakkri and I reached the Venue Banarsi Das institute of Hotel management.

Warmly greeted by Ruchi jee and then it was a pleasure to meet all the Present there.

So I was briefed that there are 20 women who have travelled from all parts of North India to be part of this Final Event.

In round 1 they shall Make Gol gappas and we need to mark them on Taste, Texture, Accompaniments, Looks, Presentation etc.

Ab iska matlab yeh tha ki mujhe 20 Gol gappe khaane parrenge and woh bhi uss samay when my Tummy had a brain of its own.
After Round 1, 10 winners shall be declared and then they will have to create a Biryani/Rice Dish with Accompaniments, a Dish using Nachos and a Dessert and then 3 winners shall be decided.

Round 1 – 2 Different kitchens with Setup of 10 Participants each. Each contestant is busy in Rolling, Frying Gol gappas and preparing different types of Paani. Ab pehla khaay accha laga, Dusra khaya and I realised β€œyeh Pal nahi asaan” The taste was not good, next one was under cooked, and suke baad waala amazing and this silsila kept moving.

I wished I could abandon this midway because eating 20 Golgappas was not something I can have even in a perfect Tummy, But then It would be unfair to other contestants. So I did what was right for them.

The Score Sheets were tabulated and 10 winners announced.

Ab uske baad maine kiya araam and gappe maari araam se with Chef Nitin Bhai and Chef Ashish Bhai.

After 2 hours we were summoned again for the Judging.

The Plates were beautifully laid in the main hall and we kept doing our rounds of taking a Spoon from each and marking them.

Have to say sab ne bahut accha banaya tha. Dessert to sabka kamaal tha, Nachos kuch ke soggy ho gaye the, Biryani again was cooked well by all participants.

I have to add love the Enthusiasm & Dedication by all participants and also need to Salute the team at COWE & Rasoi Queen for giving this platform to these women.

A team from SIDBI was also theera and promised their support to the woman who would want to take it to the next level.

Rasoi Queen was supported by Cornitos, Nita Mehta Spices, Liv-in Natural Flavours, Milton House Hold, Headline Cookers, Golden Crown Processed food and many others.

Finally, 3 Winners were announced and they were on expected lines as unki har dish mein Innovation thi, Taste tha, Eye for Detailing thi.

I hope Wish and Pray that this platform of Rasoi Queen flourishes and helps as many women as possible to pursue their dream.

Special thanks to Leher Sethi jee and Ruchi Maheshwari jee for inviting me for this beautiful event.

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