Cutting the Ribbon for Freckles

Stepped out dhangg se after 8 months and reason was special.

Priti Di whom I have known for a few years was opening an Outlet of her Brand Freckles Fruit N Nut Crackles is a confectionary brand that she and her friend Ritu Nagpal jee has been nurturing for the past 1 year now and been doing some great work churning out amazing products.

A few days back I received a message from them that they would want Gurleen & me to Inaugurate their Outlet and itne pyaar se and izzat se poocha ki maine socha bhi nahi & said YES.

We reached there aaj & in presence of close Family members & employees we inaugurated unka pyara sa outlet.

The Variety & Quality was so good ki mein ghum gaya yeh soch kar ki kya khau & kya chorru 🙂

Because of their knowledge/technique not only their products are tastier but healthier too 🙂

Freckles Outlet is located on the main Arjun Marg in DLF Phase 1 Gurgaon & has some great hampers for Corporate and Personal gifting

My Favourites were Mini Nutties, Boozy Nutties 😉 Travelling Teacakes (especially Honey Dryfruit wala). Trail mix, Crunchy Granola, Chatpata Granola. Baaki agli baar try karunga 🙂

Pata hai best part kya tha, Priti Di and Ritu jee knew that I love wearing Phulkari Dupattas & got one for me as a gift. Itna mast tha Phirozee colour ka dupatta ki wahi pehen liya maine 🙂

Aise pyaare Gestures hamesha yaad rehte hai

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