Hershey’s Flavoured Milkshake: The Right Way to Start Your Day

I am not a person who loves milk or has to have a glass of milk in the morning. Haan, jab chota tha tab mumma doodh pilane ke liye usme RoohAfza mix karti thi taaki wo thoda tasty lage but jaise jaise bade hote gaye, left the taste behind.

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Few days back, I was with my daughter to get the Visa formalities done and us din bahut garmi thi. Now, I did not want to encourage her to have aerated drinks and was looking for something that would quench her thirst, keep her hydrated for some time and is healthy too (kehte hain naparenting changes you, woi hua mere sath). Apne liye kabhi jo nai kia did it for my daughter.

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Since daughter is also always running away from milk, I lured her with Hershey’s. Ab Hershey’s kaun nai pasand karta. And a milkshake from them is bound to be delicious and isliye picked up two flavours… Cookies N Cream and Almond Milk. The cookies one I gave to my daughter while I took the almond one.

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The packaging was too good in a neat tetra pack hat sealed the flavours well. The consistency too was just perfect, neither too thin and nor toot thick. I liked the mild of my Almond Milk and asked for the cookie wale ki sip. It had the chocolate wala mazedaar taste and goodness of milk. What’s more…? It’s fortified with Calcium and Vitamins. They also claim to have 30 per cent more Calcium than that of Cow’s Milk.

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I have toh become a fan of Hershey’s Milk Shakes and now try to have one tetra pack in the morning to keep me full and refreshed during the day.

Cost: Rs.35 for 200ml pack

Flavours Available:

Almond Milk

Cookies and Cream



Kids Ape Parents: So Let Them Ape Your Good Habits

I have heard and noticed too that kids learn from their parents. They tend to do what their parents do whether it’s a good habit like reading a book or a bad one like being an addict of the mobile. So Why not start having one pack a day with your kids and gift yourself and kids both a healthy start to the day!

PS: Waise to it is available at most grocery stores, you can buy online at Amazon, BigBasket, Snapdeal

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