5 Things to Eat While Binge Watching Netflix

Mere sath to bahut bari aisa hota hai jab I want to steal that one cheat day from my routine ke kaam aur bas want to be lazy and sprawl around, doing kuch bhi nahi.

Aur in dino jab internet par itna sara content is available that one can keep sitting for the whole day, just watching one complete web series. Maine bhi ek din aisa hi kia but bina taiyari ke. I realised ki agar maine plan kia hota toh I would have kept a few things handy to munch on kyuki dekhte hue beech me uthna to possible nai hota and you end up eating whatever is available at home.

But agar pehle se hi taiyari kar li jaye, to binge watching ka maza to aur hi badh jayega… yahi soch kar maine apne next escapade ke liye ek choti si list banai hai… aap bhi apni list share kariyega, if you have one, by commenting in the box below…

Cornitos Mélange Veggie Nacho Crisps

With healthy snacking being the trend of the day, Cornitos (mera favourite nachos brand) has come out with Mélange Veggie Nacho Crisps. These are made from natural vegetable extracts seasoned with Himalayan Pink Salt and Roasted Garlic.

Cornitos Mélange Veggie Nacho Crisps MisterTikku
Cornitos Mélange Veggie Nacho Crisps Tastes Best with Veeba

The crisps are a mix of Spinach Nachos, Beetroot Nachos, and White Bean Nachos in a single pack which is loaded with flavour, health benefits and of course a riot of colours. What I like most about them is the fact that they are wedge-shaped, extra-thin and gluten-free. Sabse sahi baat to bhool hi gaya… they are cooked in healthy corn oil. Haina, sahi option?

Not a fan of Salsa, but then ghar par Veeba ya koi aur khatti-meethi dressing hoti hai, that is perfect for me.

Cost: Rs.50 for 70g pack (you can buy them here.)

Sofit Protein Cookies

Hershey India’s Sofit Protein Cookies are the new entrant into the premium segment of the biscuits category. The cookies are available in three options – Mango Almond, Coco Flax Seeds and Raisins Flax Seeds.

Sofit Protein Cookies

I like them because of their premium packaging and also as they are loaded with the goodness of protein, Omega-3, fibre and vitamins. They are made from multi-grains and are trans-fat-free and contain no maida. For me, they are a tasty crunchy option which can give me instant energy.

Saath mein Chai bhi chalegi thodi 🙂

Cost: Rs.45 for 100g & Rs.65 for 150g (you can buy them here.)

McCain Ready to Cook Fries

The best convenient fast food option for me, this world’s largest producer of frozen French fries and potato specialty products impresses me with their range of products. Chahe unke legendary French fries ho ya Potato Cheese Shotz or the Smileys or the Nuggets, there is just not one thing that you can stop at.

McCain French Fries Mister Tikku Net

McCain ke all products are easy to make, ready in minutes and are mouth-watering. The crunchy snacks are made of quality potatoes, herb seasonings and coated in crispy golden bread crumbs. I like them because of their excellent holding time and the quality of being consistent… the perfect finger food for me.

And agar ghar mein oregano rakha hai (Pizza delivery wala bhi) then woh sprinkle kar lo, taste Italian ho jayega 🙂

Cost: Rs.45 for 200g French Fries (you can buy them here.)


Brew House Flavoured Iced Tea

Brew House Ice Tea Mister Tikku Netflix
Brew House Ice Tea

Waise to for a long time my Iced tea has been ghar par powder waali. Par recently during She Shines (do read about it), We tied up with Brew House, and that is when I had their Tea for the first time and have to say that I am hooked.  They come in Glass Bottles and thandi thandi peene ka maza hi alag hai. Brew House comes in many flavours like Peach Ice Tea, Citrus Green Ice Tea, Lemon Ice Tea, Honey Mint Ice Tea, and more but my favourite is Peach Ice Tea.

Cost: Rs.180 for a pack of 3 (buy them here)

Haldiram SonPapri

The last but not the least is my all-time dependable sathi, Haldiram ki Soan Papri. Chahe log ise jitne bhi naam se bulaye aur jitney bhi dibbe aage pass on kare, but I like it for its simplicity and its delicate and melt in the mouth flavours.

The many layers of crunch give me blissful delight aur ek baari box khulne k baad to mera rukna mushkil ho jata hai. The best part about it is the long shelf life. Agar aapko khane ke baad kuch meetha khane ka mann kare to it’s the most uncomplicated sweet.

Haldiram Soan Papdi Mister Tikku Netflix
Haldiram Soan Papdi

Cost: Rs.230/kg (buy them here)

To lo ji, maine to alpni list ready kar li for my next binge-watching on Netflix. Aap bhi batao ki apki list me inme se kuch same same hai kya. Waiting to hear from you!

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