Good Things take time, Great Things happen all at once

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My last week was araam se bhara, Kuch zyada nahi kiya bas pending cheezein khatam ki and Movies dekhi. The Rewrite, Enola Holmes, Emily In Paris. Teeno apne aap mein bahut acchi movies. The Rewrite is about finding your Mojo back; Enola Holmes is about Grit, Determination & being Self Dependent; Emily in Paris is about telling you that Life is uncertain and also tells you about how it can change in one Single Moment in many times for better. Just like it changed for the aged couple who are the owners of Baba ka Dhaba this week.

More about this in the Newsletter. Parriyega, this may change your life

Issue 15 | October 9, 2020

Good Things take time,Great Things happen all at once

There are times when you are sad and think you have not achieved MUCH in life and that too at a RIPE age.

I had such pangs too at an age of 20. No Age is RIPE But then kuch hua. Mere dost ke Papa, Who was in his late 50’s, Faridabad gaye the kisi kaam ke liye and wahaan he Bought a PlayWin ki Lottery Ticket. Kuch din mein unki Lottery Nikal gayi. Total prize money 2.27 Crore, In hand 1.5 Crores. And I am talking about early 2000 Types when that Crore was worth much more than aaj ka Crore.

This small instance told me, Tikku, Life can change any moment. Keep Faith! Then as I read more I heard stories of Colonel Sanders who started KFC at the age of 65; Henry Ford Founded the Ford Motor Company at age of 40; Ray Croc struck gold at the age of 52 when he met the McDonald Brothers; Closer to home Boman Irani debuted in Movies only at the age of 41 and has not looked back since; Julia Child wrote her first at the age of 50 and then shot to fame as a Celebrity Chef; And finally someone whom I regard a Lot, Writer Khushwant Singh jee, who realised his Love for Writing and made it his career at an age of 35. I can keep going on and on par ab aage chalte hai.

Aaj kyu bol raha hu yeh sab?

Because jo Baba ke Dhabe ke saath hua woh aapke saath bhi ho sakta hai. Ab yeh batata hu ki Baba ka Dhaba ke saath kya hua.

Baba ka Dhaba is a Small Food Kiosk located in Malviya nagar owned and run by a Couple in their 60’s. Badaami Devi & Kanta Prasad.

Some days back a friend, Gaurav Wasan aka @YoutubeSwadOfficial on instagram reached Baba ka Dhaba to Vlog about the food. However, what got captured was their plight on how it has been tough for them to survive and their revenue barely covers their expenses.

While sharing his story, Baba cried and when the vlog was posted we all cried! Some 30 Million People on instagram alone. Overnight offers for help started flowing in from all quarters run into Lakhs of Rupees.

Ab what I’m trying to say is that, Aapki life kabhi bhi badal sakti hai. The couple would have never thought ki unki zindagi mein aisa din kabhi ayega. Par aaya! Gaurav has been doing his good work, par he would also have never thought ki ek din aisa aayega when he gets so much love for covering this story, A day when he would get Millions of Views, a day when he gains lakhs of Followers in one day.

So bas aap apna kaam kare chaliye, isi umeed par ki ek din aapka bhi aisa ayega jab aapki Duniya Badlegi for better. Bas do not stop working towards it. Ek din aisa ayega ki aapki saari mehnat rang layegi and every drop of sweat, every pain, Every sacrifice shall be compensated for. You can watch the video here

Mister Tikku Facebook Page is Verified

While I wanted to focus on this beautiful story only, par then let me also share the happiness that I received a day before yesterday. My Favourite song is ‘Sab kuch seekha humne, na seekhi Hoshiyari’. Bas hum bhi apni hi dhun mein, apni hi raah par chalte rahe. Na gaining Followers ki taraf dhyaan diya, na in making an extra effort in securing Recognition. Yes they count a lot, par then I was Happy in my world doing what I loved and treasuring all the love that was showered on me.

Meanwhile, I did apply for Verification for Mister Tikku Facebook Page and Instagram page but reject ho gaya. They would have valid reasons. Then this week I got a message that my Facebook Page Mister Tikku has been verified and now a blue badge will be visible next to my page’s name. This made my smile as Wide as River Nile Thanks for Love, have a great Week ahead and I hope your smile get as wide as River Nile too after reading this and stays like that

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