Power of Hope, Happiness & Forgiveness

“Life mein Khud Ki Khushi ayegi bas Umeed Zinda Rakho and mann se saare Maill nikal do”

Jee ek hi sentence mein maine aaj ki Newsletter ke teeno Articles bata diye.

Isme HOPE Ki baat ho rahi hai, Power of Forgiveness derived from Jainism ki baat ho rahi hai and auro ko khush karte hue khudh ko khush rakhne ki baat bhi ho rahi hai. 🙂

Parriyega, Accha lagega and do tell me if you Agree or Disagree with any point anywhere.

Issue 24 | 23rd September 2023

Khud Ki Khushi

Poori Zindagi Guzaar di Khushiyaan batorte hue, Par baad mein pata chala ki khush to woh the jo Khushiyaa baant rahe the.

2012 mein yeh parra kahi and uske baad isko bana liya apne jeewan ka tareeka. And sach mein mujhe isi mein khushi milne lagi.

Zindagi mein bahut Kuch khoya hai bahut paaya hai, bahut kuch kho kar wohi wapas bhi paaya hai. Ab aap jab khushi de bhi rahe ho tab bhi always ensure to steal moments for your happiness.

BARRII Khushiyon ke mauke kam aate hai, so chhoti khushi ka jab mauka mile to usko chura lena chahiye. Aisa hi maine bhi kiya kuch din pehle. Mujhe Gurleen ne poccha ki what makes you happy,.

Ab Meri liye Best Food for the Soul hai Darbar Sahib Amritsar ke Darshan aur uske baad Langar.

And Best Food for Stomach hai Pehlwaan ke Amritsari Kulche ki Thali ya Kesar ke Dhabe ki Channe Aur Dal waali thali jisme Desi ghee lagaya nahi jaata Pour kiya jaata hai. Saath mein Laccha Parantha jiski layers aapki Mehbooba ki Zulfe se zyada gehri hai. Thanda Boondi ka Raita, Sarso ke tel mein bana achaar aur Kacche Pyaaz. Bas samjho jannat ke Darshan karke wapas aa gaye ho.

To bas kar li Ticket book aur chale gaye Amritsar. Subah ko gaye, Shaam ko wapas aa gaye, par dher saari yaadein aur Dil mein Sukoon ka bhandaar, aur Zubaan par kuch mahino tak rehne waala swaad le aaye 🙂

Aap bhi auro ko khush karte hue apni Khushi ko importance dijiyega in tyohaaro mein kyuki dono hai zaroori.


It is said that “a person can live 40 days without food, four days without water, 4 minutes without air, but only 4 seconds without hope”.

Umeed bahut barri cheez hai.

In the worst of times, one can survive if he or she has the HOPE to sail through. And agar Hope hi na ho then a person dies bit by bit inside or even contemplates other means to end life unnaturally.

Hope makes you Hop from a Low point to a Higher one, and most of the time, the Hop to the higher point keeps you there or even higher.

Let me also connect Hope with Self Confidence.

My initial days out of school were tough, where I was lost, ki kya karu, kaise karu. Instead, they remained for many years, and even when I knew what to do and was doing, there were still phases that were not BRIGHT. But I always knew ki kuch to kar lunga, accha kar lunga, Aisa karunga that gives me the kind of  Happiness I want. Yes, I did not get it the way I had thought or on the parameters created by Society, but then what I got was much better, not something I could imagine.

And yeh sab tabhi possible hua because I never let my HOPE & Self Confidence down. Aage bhi dhyaan rakhunga as Life is Uncertain, and the same lessons you learnt 20 years ago may again become relevant today. 

I repeat, Hope is seeing light even when Darkness surrounds you.

Michhami Dukkadam

13 years back, I was in Bombay Office, one of our most Senior colleagues came to the office & enter karte hi started crossing each one of us with folded hands. While he stood in front of us with folded hands, he said “Michhami Dukkadam”

Unka naam tha Mr. Neelam Kothari jee. Mujhe samajh nahi aaya kya ho rha hai and when I asked him toh pata chala ki it’s a Jain festival/Tradition wherein people ask each other for forgiveness for any Intentional/Unintentional act/word that would have hurt them in some way.

And it’s a practice that Jains follow irrespective of their Age/Status. I loved this gesture and thora bahut apna bhi liya.

Log haath jorrkar kehte hai Micchami Dukkadam, Hum Saath mein poori Cholle pakarr ke keh rahe hai, so that by any chance aap mujhe maaf na bhi karna chaho, tab bhi kar doge 🙂

So here I say “Michhami Dukkadam”

Kar dijiye aap mujhe Maaf & keh dijiye “Uttam Kshama”

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