Food, Good, Mood – They All Rhyme :-)

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We all have gone through embarrassing situations. And baad mein chahe Khushi waale Moments yaad aaye na aaye, Aise Embarrassing Situations yaad rehte hai.

Jaise ki, the ones I share in this newsletter.

Kuch time pehle I asked on Instagram to give me a WORD, and I will write whatever comes to my Mind. This week I am writing on Food and its role in changing our MOOD. You will like it. And remember to give me YOUR WORD so I can write about it.

Ek aur cheez, Life mein jo aapko aaj accha lagta hai woh kal accha nahi lagega. Vice Versa is also true.

Aisi hi hai kuch meri aur Coconut ki Love Story jo maine Caption mein byaan ki hai. Reel bhi dekh lena, Muskurane lagoge.

Milte hai aapse next week jee 🙂

Issue 23 | 16th September 2023

Food is Good & Good is Food

There is a reason why Food & Good rhyme.

Because Food is Good and Good is Food 🙂

Google had a Clear Mission, Create a product that is like Brushing teeth. Your consumer should use it twice a day. Let’s not discuss how many times we use Google today and that too in its Various forms like Maps, Search, Mail, Sheet, Slides, GPay, Chrome & many others.

Food is Similar, We USED to eat thrice a day. Three meals like Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner would be enough. Today it has changed. We have more than five meals a day. Thanks to the Chhotti Bhookh, Barri Bhookh, Mood Acche waali Bhookh, Mood kharaab wali Bhookh, Late Night waali Bhookh, Going out more often, Meetings, Easy Availability & also because of Higher Disposable income for many. 

So Food is Good & Good is Food.
I know many who order at least two meals “Every day” from Swiggy/Zomato—the same Philosophy of brushing teeth. Kuch Saal pehle koi kehta ki aisa hoga to hum usko Paagal karaar kar dete 🙂

So yes, Agar aap kisi ki Bhookh MITA sakte ho repeatedly in some form, then you have a winner on your hands.

Food makes your Mood Good, Good Food controls your Mood 🙂

TEACH wherever you can, in all HUMILITY

I belong to a Middle-Class family, jahaan for a long time; we used Indian Style Toilets.

And jab Western Style kabhi use kiya kisi hotel ya Dost/Rishtedaar ke Ghar par to ajeeb hi lagta tha. Yes, at that time, I used to love my comfort zone, and any change was not welcome.

Ek baar to it was an alarming turn of events when I went to a friend’s place for a get-together, and Wahaan Toilet paper nahi tha, and I was unaware of the concept of JET. After being puzzled for 10 minutes and unable to figure out ki karein kya, I called for him Loudly, and when He came near the door, I asked him ki, “Bhai, Saaf kaise karein?”. And I was told about “The Jet” and how to use it.

Jaise Taise bahar aaya par pata nahi tha that my Uneasy Experience had reached all my friends, and it was embarrassing, to say the least.

Hum uss GUSAL KHAANE mein nahate the jahaan Bathroom would mean Bathroom and not a Toilet Cum Bathroom like today.

Ghar meim hum Saare Lux Soap use karte the, Madhuri Dixit ki Photo waala. Aur Papa Pears use karte the. 

Thora sa barra hua, and ek din ek Dost ke Ghar gaya in Bombay. Stayed Overnight. Subah nahane gaya and dost ne bola use Shower Gel. Ab mein nahakar bahar aaya and i said, yaar maza nahi aata Shower Gel se. Haath par daalo, Badan par malo. Woh jhaag nahi aati. He laughed at me and shared the concept of Loofah with me. Aaj uss baat ko 15 Years ho gaye and Loofah has been my best friend in the bathroom.

Yes, it takes time to understand things, but when you do, it makes your life better. 

So next time, when someone is in an embarrassing situation, HELP him/her, GUIDE him/her, and he/she will be thankful to you forever.

If you Make Fun of him/her, then he/she will remember this forever as your words will become like a Scar that shall last forever.

Kehte hai na, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime”. TEACH wherever you can, in all Humility.

Jab kuch Seekho to jahaan ho sake aage bhi Seekhao, Kisi ke Bholepan ka mazaak na urrao.

From Noes to Ayes

Coconut Accha NAHI lagta mujhe

This was me till six years back. Kacchi “Gari”, Nariyal kha-kar mooh mein Choora reh jata tha and kaafi irritating tha. Coconut Milk waali dishes acchi nahi lagti thi, hence,  stayed away from Dishes like Thai Curry. Dosto ne bola ki Naturals ki Tender Coconut Ice-Cream kha lo, Acchi hoti hai, and I stayed with my Pineapple Pop.

Dheere dheere sab try karne laga and accha lagne laga.

Ab World Coconut Day was on 2nd September, and we have curated this Video for you showcasing 5 ways I love having my Coconut.

1) Coconut Chutney : No Dosa/Vada/idli meal is complete without the Humble Nariyal Chutney. I love its taste, I love its texture. And sometimes I have more Nariyal Chutney than Sambhar.🙂

2) Coconut Burfee : This is pure love too, niche Khoye ki layer and upar Coocnut ka layer in Pink colour—Har bite mein Anand. My favourite is from Bharat Sweets outlets in Delhi.

3) Coconut Water : Ab yeh to Most Natural Drink hai and hydrates like nothing else. Uske baad andar ki malai bhi khaane ko mil jaati hai.

4) Coconut Ice-Cream : Ab yeh alag hi cheez hai. Chahe aap uska Simple version khaao at Naturals ya Thailand type jagah jaakar have it with Lots of Nuts. Maza aa jayega 🙂

5) Elaneer Payasam : This was Love At First Sight & Bite. 5 Years pehle, when Sana-Di-Ge was launched, tab pehli baar khaayi. Itni acchi lagi that I went there the very next day to have it. Uske baad 20 baar aur kha chuka hounga and har baar khaate hi mooh se yehi nikalta hai ki “MAZA AA GAYA”.

Which one of these 5 is your Favourite? 😊

Disclaimer : This is Just done in Fun and to Celebrate Coconut. No intention to Harm anyone’s feelings, Will never be 😊❤️

Your Views?

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