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Aaj ki Newsletter thori alag hai. One is related to my Own Experience. Kehte hai na jab baap banega tab baap ki tarah Sochega. So bas jab Mera Beta College gaya, it is then I was reminded of words of my Jhaiji, Filled with Love, Care & Concern

Dusra is about life and how we assume things. Jo khud ko sahi lage usko hi hum sach man’ne lagte hai, whereas in reality, kahani bilkul utli ho sakti hai.

So aap bhi parriye, Dosto ko Parrvaiye :-))))

Issue 22 | 2nd September 2023

“Tu kala ho gaya hai puttar, Chadd de eh naukri”

Baat 2001 ki hai. My first Job. I worked for Appu Ghar as a School Marketing Executive and mera kaam tha School ke Principals/teachers ko convince karna to bring their Students to Appu Ghar for the Annual Picnic.

West Delhi ka Area tha mere paas and mein Subah 9 to 1 Schools Visit karta tha and then 2 Baje Appu Ghar Reporting hoti thi.

Royal Enfield thi mere paas and uss par hi ghoomta rehta tha. 

Ek din Sunday ko kesh dhoye maine and my Jhaiji noticed the tan between my face and upper area jo Turban se covered hoti hai. She said “Tu kala ho gaya hai puttar, Chadd de eh naukri”

(You have turned Dark, My Son, leave this Job)

Maine uss time hass ke taal diya. Par aaj, when I look back, I see how our Welfare is so essential for our Parents & Grandparents, as compared to what we focus on most, our Careers.

Don’t Assume

Bahut saal pehle parra tha, Don’t Assume, Don’t make an “Ass” of “U” & “Me”

And uske baad assume karna bandh kar diya.  I used to do a lot ki, Mujhe laga, maine socha types and kuch time baad jab mujhe ehsaas hua inn baato ka then I realised ki how stupid this is.

Tab se Team ko bhi yehi bolta hu, ghar waalo ko bhi.

Par 2 saal pehle maine phir ek aisi harqat ki.

10th March 2022. Mera Plaster khul rha tha and Mujhe laga ki bas ab plaster khulega and mera haath back to normal. Par jab khula I realsied ki yeh to AKARR sa gaya hai.

I was frustrated when I was told ki abhi 3 Weeks ki physiotherapy lagegi. 

After those Frustrating 2 minutes, I was taken to the other room for an X-ray and to put a brace on my hand.

Banda ek brace lekar aaya. Usne Bandha. Uss par L likha tha. Mujhe Tight laga. I told him ki yeh tight hai, Please XL de do. He told me Sir, yehi ek size aata hai and it is SUPPOSED to be tight. I thought Drame kar rha hai kyuki inke paas barra size nahi hai. I requested again, In pain. He repeated the same thing.

2 Mins baad Doctor aaye, I told him PLEASE CHANGE THIS FROM L TO XL, or I can buy from outside. Doc Sahab said, this is not SML, Size wala L, this is LEFT wala L.

Bas ussi pain mein hassi bhi aayi Sharamindgi bhi hui and reminded myself. Tikku, “Don’t Assume”.

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