This is not Tea, This is “Anti Gravi-Tea”

On 10 Dec 2014 we were really tired after having a hectic day. That was also the very fist day of our “Chennai Express” Trip.

To avoid the traffic on the main roads we decided to switch on our Google Maps and reach our destination through the inner roads.

We had just taken a Right from a very busy road and we saw a shop where many people were relishing some food and enjoying their tea with it.

In normal circumstances we would have missed it, but seeing more than 50 people at one small shop we decided to park our cars and have a dekho.

The shop was serving Kela Bhajiya and Chai. Kela Bhajiya would literally mean Raw Banana ke Pakorre 🙂


I have never tried them earlier but so many people cannot be wrong. And I’m sooo glad I tried… rather ATE.

Started with one and then ended up with more than 6 of them in my tummy.

While we were eating our Bhajiya I saw the person inside who was preparing Chai.


He had his own unique way to do it.. by Pouring Hot water and then adding it my some Tea Water and then topping it up with Milk. However the best part that made me still was the way he was mixing it with the help of 2 glasses. At one time it seems the Tea just stopped in the air before coming back and falling back into the glass.


He was actually defying Gravity.


I know you would not believe me. So see it here in the attached video for yourself 🙂



Hai na Mast?

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