Rabbri, Lacche waali or DaaneDaar?

For me, Lacche WaalI Rabbri wins any day compared to Daanedaar Rabri.

Na na Daanedaar Rabri mein dikkat nahi hai, Par Lacchedaar is better , Its the Traditional way to make and Mehnat waala kaam hai, Taste to accha hai hi  🙂

Today only place you can find Lacche daar Rabri is in Old Delhi.

Ek to Makhan Lal ki shop ke bahar in Khari Bawli and Doosra I love in all the three shops in Paranthe Waali gali.

Par few days back FM Show ke baad I went to Anand Dhaba for the Chicken Curry Chawal and waapsi par saw this Uncle jee and reached out.

Maza aagaya after having his Rabbri and Ice Cream ka Combo. 40 diye ya fifty.

He sits only between 1 to 4pm and on Weekdays.

This is the Lane next to Janpath that is next to Pind Baluchi.

Jab chakkar lage wahaan at the right time to zaroor khaana hee.

Uncle and Aunty barre pyaar se Paroste hai.

Now I know where the Meetha from my next House Party is coming from 


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