Spandan’16. A Colourful Festival at VIPS, Rohini

Aashna Malani is a celebrated blogger whom I met at Saffola Event. It was just a Hi, hello there and then we connected and exchanged notes on Facebook and Instagram.


She is a student of “Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, Rohini”

A few days back she called me and mentioned that they would want me to be part of the Annual Event, Spandan 2016.


The Purpose was to felicitate few personalities who have done some considerable work in their field and I was lucky to be selected in that as a Food Blogger.


It was a 3 day event and was supposed to carry on from 12pm to 9pm each day. Though I was invited to be part of the event for all 3 days, however, I decided to be a part of it on the last day. This was also the day when the felicitation would happen.


The event was supposed to start at 5pm. And before that a special Stand up Comedy session as planned from 3 to 5. However, to get a better feel of the event, I reached at 1 pm and was treated to Delicious Lunch of an Indian Thali by the Hospitality team. It was good to see many known faces in the college. Some were my friends and some were readers. This gave me a good opportunity to interact with them araam se.


It was a well managed event and most of the students were near the stage where Solo and group Dancing competition was happening.


Kabhi Hindi gaane to kabhi Videshi, kabhi from VIPS Students to kabhi bahar ke Bacche, kabhi dan2016-10-27-16-26-58cers were dressed in normal jean tshirt to kahi they had a Tarakkti Bharakkti group dresses.


While all this was happening I also ventured out to see the stalls of Burger King, Pizza hut, Keventers and other eateries who were selling their stuff.
Apna to pait bhar hua tha, so moved back to the hall and anxiously waited for the Stand up comedy event to begin. The Judges were famous You Tubers .


Somehow the event started only by 4 15 and I knew ki now this shall end late and would not make sense to wait till end as I had to be at Tourist in CP and decided to leave by 5.


However, when the event started it gripped me with each passing moment. Starting from the introduction of the event to a short tete a tete with Judges and then finally the Stand up comedians.


It was started with Himanshu Chowdhary who seems to be the perfect man for opening. He ensured everyone laughed till the time he was at the stage.


After him there were a few more Stand up comedians who made the Auditorium erupt with laughter through their jokes.


By 5:30, I got up against my will to leave for the scheduled meeting.


Have to say that the entire event was very well organised by the VIPS team and one could see that huge amount of Time, Thought and effort had been invested by organisers to pull off this great event.


Thanks to the Dean, Prof. Charulata Singh jee for inviting me. I’m sorry for not picking up my Momento, however I do promise to be there soon and do the needful.


On my way back I saw some graffiti artists doing a great work with their colours and after observing their brilliance for a few minutes, I clicked their pics and walked towards my car.2016-10-27-16-26-16

Its good to keep going back to Schools and Colleges as they make us feel and think as a 20 year old, even if that is for a few moments 🙂



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