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Liza Salad

These brilliant food ads will definitely blow your mind

If you are kinda person who notice everything about food then this article gonna be bookmarked in the list of yours must read. Today, World is more into doing creative and unique stuff. They believe, innovation is the only key

Groghead got high with Mister Tikku

Taada.,hey buddies! How you doing party people? Mister Tikku Team had amazing time with you folks, 4 May 2016 at The Groghead, Green Park, imprinted as unforgettable journey. You people were FABULOUS. Nobody can beat you to rock the party

Game of Prawns Season 6 will be all about foodies

Before hitting on television the 6th Season of Game of Thrones, people released their own all over the world. I meant that Internet is loaded with uncountable memes of GOT which are already getting number of hits and here are

sugarcane juice mistertikku

Ganne Ka Rass: A Story that makes you LOL

Yeah! Summers. Summers are something which has box full of with cold delights and Ganne Ka Rass or Sugarcane Juice is one among all which excites us. It create stories in itself which depict love, melodrama, as we are filmy