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Our quest

How to Save Maximum Money While Dining Out | Part 2

In the first part we found Gourmet Passport to be the winner with an unbelievably high discount of 46% in our 6 Pax experiment. We have been continuing our research and in this post we are releasing the findings from


App StatEATics | Delhi 2 Pax Experiment

Here’s a detailed report of the second experiment unit in our quest to find the Best Dining App which provides the most savings. In the first unit, Gourmet Passport won hands down by reducing the bill to almost half (46%

our quest

How to Save Maximum Money While Dining Out | Part 1

Gone are the days when people used to prefer dining out at restaurants without the knowledge of a discount or a complimentary dish. As times have changed, so has the culture of dining out. From impromptu eating out plans, to

App StatEATics | Delhi 6 Pax Experiment

It started with a simple discussion in office. We started wondering which app works best in terms of discounts. Some quick calculations and we were confused even more. So we decided to do a controlled experiment to come out with

Mister Tikku’s Event at Lenskart Rajouri Garden

Lenskart has got huge number of customers in both online and offline ground because of its amazing collections of designed for utmost comfort and perfect fit for your party hangouts, office meets, vacation mood or anything (Like bullet ride in