Aakhir Poochne mein kya jaata hai..

Lets accept that though “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” was coined by Steve Jobs, But it was @rashmibansalofficial jee ki book by the same name that made this Quote reach Many Many Indians.

Uske baad I read every Book of hers. Went for one of her Book Launch too.

In early 2014 she launched her new Book on Women Entrepreneurs, “Follow Every Rainbow“.

Same time we were Planning our First She Shines

We thought to gift that Book to every Women who came for She Shines @ofcoursesheshines . Yes it was an additional Cost, But yeh bhi socha ki even if life of one women gets changed for better then it will be worth those 100 Copies that we buy.

Ab Book Kharidna asaan hai, Par I thought ki thora aur Tarrka maara jaaye uppar and mailed her to ask if she can sign those copies. “Aakhir Poochne mein kya jaata hai” and guess what she agreed and told us ki she will be visiting NOIDA on a certain date. Aa Jaao.

Bas hum pahunch gaye. Painstakingly she signed all the Copies and needless to say it made us Happy and everyone who got a copy.

Beautiful Memories like these are what one looks back in these times and Smiles

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