Mister Tikku turns 5

When We started Mister Tikku, It was just aise hi. Maqsad tha to spread a smile or 2 through my Words. Kab kaise, Kyu itna pyaar mila pata hi nahi chala and dekhte dekhte Paanch saal ho gaye. When I look back, My eyes turn moist and it is aapka pyaar jo kheench laya yaha, Varna hum aadmi kis kaam ke 23rd September raat ko we celebrated an Online Birthday party with Hundreds of members, Some Music, Dance, Comedy Session and bahut saara pyaar

#MisterTikku #HappyBirthday

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Gurpreet Singh Tikku

Meet Mister Tikku – a food influencer, hardcore entertainer, and smile spreader extraordinaire! With a passion for all things delicious, Mister Tikku has spent years exploring the world of food and sharing his experiences with his followers. With his infectious personality and knack for finding the best bites around, Mister Tikku has gained a loyal following on social media and has established himself as one of the most trusted voices in the food & beverage industry. @MisterTikku

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