10 Reasons why a Vlogger should buy a Fuji X-A7 Camera

What does a Creator Need today. A Camera with a Phone. Yes, Today it’s no Longer Just a Phone, camera plays an Important role.

And then as you grow as a Creator or aspire to become one, you buy a Professional camera. A camera jo Mobile se better ho par aisa bhi na ho ki usko use karna samajh mein na aaye.

And aisa hi ek Camera ke event par I was invited a few days back.

Fuji X-A7.

Ab most of us from 90’s know that Fuji was one of the biggest companies in Film Camera nd Rolls.

And with change in technology they too changed their product portfolio to suit the users and needs of today.

Fuji X-A7 is one such product for Aspiring Vloggers, Vloggers and Photographers.

It has all the Features a person like me seeks. Let me List them down

  • Easy to use Menu
  • Clear, Colourful Footage
  • Flip Out Screen for easy Vlogging
  • Good Mic to record my Voice acche se
  • Light Weight – same as a 500 Ml Bottle
  • Works well in Low Light
  • Output of Still Photography is as Good as the Video one
  • Looks -Sleek and is available in Multiple Colours
  • Good Battery Life
  • Automatic Upload to Cloud
Your Views?

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