Yeh Shaadi nahi Asaan! Waise Muskhil bhi nahi hai!

Issue 12 | September 12, 2020

“Shaadi zindagi ka woh laddoo hai jo khaaye woh Pachtaye aur jo na khaaye woh bhi Pachtaye ”

Suna to hoga aapne. Ab let me tell you isme Pachtane wala kuch nahi hai. It’s the coming together of 2 individuals in a hope that life shall be better when they would be together. Soch yehi hoti hai and sometimes the soch is sahi par halaat badal jaate hai, insaan badal jaate hai and dosh aata hai Shaadi jaise bandhan par. 

I was abhi talking to a friend and mentioned ki koi bhi rishta, chahe Dosti ka ho, Pyaar ka, Business Partnership ka ya Rishtedaari ka, Humko Umeed rakhni chahiye ki lamba chalega par be prepared agar woh khatam ho jaaye ek din. 

Kyunki yehi Zindagi hai and yehi iske usool.  

Shaadi is like a Plant, if you keep nourishing it with Love, Understanding, Adjustment then it will keep growing and will grow into a beautiful tree that will give Fruits to you & your known ones but will also inspire others.

This week, I was posting a photo on Instagram where I’m on my knees Pretending to propose to Gurleen. Ek quirky sa Caption likhne laga. Kab woh quirky caption Life lessons mein tabdeel ho gaya mujhe pata hi nahi chala.

Yeh Shaadi nahi Asaan

Yes. Asaan nahi hai agar aap usme Effort na daalo. Effort daaloge toh it will become the most beautiful thing on earth. Like a plant, a relationship also requires nourishment like Trust, Love, Adjustment & also you have to pull out weeds like Expectations, Misunderstandings & Assumptions. Aage ki kahani yahaan Parriye 🙂

What You seek, seeks you too

Kehte hai jo mann mein chahat ho usko bol dena chahiye.  Kya pata koi uska pura kar de ya karva de. Bas aisa hi kuch hua last week when I posted about how I had grown up relishing Sindhi Corner – Ramjas Road, Karol bagh ki Tikkis, and bas uske 3 days baad, I received a packet of those Awesome Dil waali Tikkis at my ghar along with Paneer Pakoras, Samosas & Gulab Jamuns too. So aapke bhi jo mann mein aaye keh dijiye, kya pata 🙂 Read the story here.

Jo Karo vadda Karo

5 years back I went to PayTM office to meet Vijay Shekhar Sharma Bhaiya. While I waited, My eyes would not go away from the Coffee Mug and the wall behind me. Both said, ‘Go Big or Go Home.’ Samajh to aa gaya ki this is company ki Philosophy & barri jaldi dekh bhi liya. Bas over the years, maine bhi apni ek Philosophy bana li, ‘Jo karo VADDA karo.’ Result to zyada nahi dikha paya par zindagi ka hissa zaroor ban gaya yeh. Next Week ki Cover Story yehi rahegi with 11 VADDI Photos that will bring a smile to your face. Till the time yeh dekhiye and @MisterTikku ko Instagram par follow kijiye 🙂

Kasauli Virtual Walk

Aaj kal Travel has come to a halt, but one way we can travel is in our fantasies and the other is in our memories. And maine socha, why Travel alone hence we traveled with Entire Mister Tikku family through my pics and anecdotes of that place. A week before last we traveled to Varanasi and this time it was Kasauli. Thanks for giving us so much pyaar. Aapke Pyaar bhare messages are helping me prepare for another Virtual Walk for you 🙂 You can check the Kasauli and Varanasi Walk in Stories Highlights. Maza ayega 🙂

Nokia Communicator 9300i

Naam suna hai kabhi? This was my Phone for many many years and I loved it. Also Probably the only phone then jisme Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V option hota tha and came in handy every night when I had to send Daily Sales reports of 5 stores to 5 different Bosses. I loved it so Much ki jab mujhe pata chala ki the phone is getting discontinued I immediately bought another one before my current one kharaab ho. And Isliye aaj even both of them work after 13 years. Has some special messages also. Got lots of love when I shared it on my Instagram Stories last week. You can see them too

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