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Hello jee,
Yes we are back after a long time with the Newsletter.

Na na, Aisa nahi tha ki kuch Intresting nahi tha to share, Bas thora lazy ho gaye.
Par koshish hai ab humko nahi bolna Paregga ki “Rukawat ke liye Khed hai”.

Yeh Newsletter ka yeh silsila jaari rahega

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Issue 16 | April 24, 2023

We are BACK

Jee Jee jee, Hum wapas aa gaye MTNL lekar. MTNL bole to Mahanagar Telephone Nigam nahi, Mister Tikku News Letter 🙂 This is something we started 2 years back. 10 Edition bhi nikale and then pata nahi kyu continue nahi kar paaye. Laziness I believe. Par always wanted to come back and shayad ab hi hona tha. So keep reading our weekly newsletters that shall reach your Mail Box every weekend. Subscribe button hai to sahi, par aapko uski zaroorat nahi pareggi 🙂


My journey at Instagram has been slow. Isme bhi haath instagram ka nahi mera hi tha. Probably I was too busy with other work ki iss par dhang se dhyan nahi diya. Par 6 months pehle soch liya ki lets tame one animal at a time. And pehle number Instagram ka tha. Me and my Talented teammate Elishba decided ki roz ek reel daalenge, zyada girenge to zyada samajh aayega. Yehi hua and the numbers have doubled in the last 3 months. Today we sit at 100K Followers. A number that I had given up hope on. And ab to 1 Million bhi door nahi lag rha. So mehnat kari jaao jee.

My learnings : 

  • Fall 5 Times but get up 6 times. 
  • Data crunch karne ke liye Data hona chahiye so DO more Think less
  • More you do, the more your Experiment and the more you hit the right notes
  • Keep Checking Data, Listen, See, Hear, and Feel the Insights

Technology Changing the Serving Game

In the last 2 months, I have reviewed 2 Restaurants that have used technology as a medium to SERVE.

One is Railicious in Kailash Colony (they have 4 more branches). Railicious uses toy trains to serve food at the tables. They have 3 trains and once the food is kept on the train, the table number is entered into the system. Aur phir kya, train bhaagte hue aayegi and seedha aapke table par ruk jayegi. Aap khaana utaar lijiye and then it goes back to the kitchen. A sight that makes you smile. Unique sa experience hai.

Dusra was last week at The Yellow House in Jaipur. Here the Food is Served by a Robot. Robot ka Naam Ruby hai and isme yehi Khoobi hai that aap khana iss par rakho and iss Tab par button daba do Table and it comes seedha at your table.


Last week I got an opportunity to meet BTW (Bittoo Tikki Wala)  ke main Owners se. Something that started as Udhaar ki Rehri par Tikki bech kar has now become a Brand with 18 Plus stores & a renowned name in Outdoor Catering & FMCG. Interesting baat hai ki Owners mein se kisi ka naam Bittoo nahi hai. When Uncle jee was looking to set up a stall in Rani bagh, Some shopkeepers helped him to get a Second-hand rehri. Uss par kisi ka Naam, Bitto Tikki Wala likha hua tha. Uncle jee did not have enough money to change and paint the name and then bas yehi naam ban gaya, the rest is History. Click here to view the reel we created.

Mehnat Waali Photo

Life Asaan nahi hai, Par kuch ke liye zyada Mushkil hai. Kisi ki Kuch majboori hai to kisi ki koi. Bas yehi dimaag mein aaya last week when I saw this person taking so many Goods on his scooty. Darr hi tha ki gir na jaaye, While I slowly crossed him while driving, I looked at Hime, Sar Jhukaya aur muskura ke aage chal diya. The best part, his Supplier follows us and connected him to us. So Duniya asaan nahi hai, Par Chhotti zaroor hai 🙂

Best REEL 

This week we created a Masterpiece. We shot a Video Reel for Worldmark, Gurgaon and have to say ki This will be the top Item in our portfolio for a long time to come.

Quality, Fun, Editing, Fun, Food, Location, Restaurant,Team Sab mast. Nahi dekhi ab tak to idhar dekhiye 🙂

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