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Kehte hai kuch Shaunk paalo jo aapko kuch samay ke liye ek alag duniya mein le jaaye. Woh duniya jisme bas aap ho aur bas aap.

Aajkal ke time mein jahaan humare haath mein humesha phone rehta hai wahaan aisi ki Hobby mein kho jaana Mushkil hai.

So humne aisi Hobby dhoondhi jisme dono haath busy ho jaaye

Jee yes Pottery.

Me and @gurleentikku , Gurleen and me pahunch gaye @earthenauraceramics Ke studio in Pitam Pura.

@earthenauraceramics Ek Pottery Studio hai and isko Dipti jee last 22 years se chala rahi hai and not only helped Thousands to pursue Pottery as HI by but also as a Career for many.

So hum bi baith gaye Potter Wheel par apni MAATTI lekar and unki help se kuch hi samay mein bana li ek bardiya si Plate aur Mug.

Pehli sense of achievement mili of trying something new

Dusri, of creating something out of nothing

Teesri ki we had Fun and we as a couple bonded in a new one

Chauthi, jab aap Pottery wheel par hote ho, Haath mein bas “Mitti” hoti hai tab you are with sukoon within and kho jaate ho ek alag duniya mein.

Ek baar try kijiyega, Kho jaiyega apne khyalo mein aur create kijiyega jo aap Apni Creation keh payenge.

Shayad Terri Hogi, Shayad Merri hogi, Par aapki Creation hogi.

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