Socho to kya nahi ho sakta

Sapno ka Ghar

So humare ghar ke saamne construction is ON for past one year and breaks lage because of Delhi Pollution issue and then Corona Lockdown. Sunday ko Lanter dala unka. And I just posted a Casual Instagram Story ki “Aaj din bhar iska shor rahega, par koi baat nahi, kisi ke sapno ka ghar ban rha hai” never knew bas ek chotta sa comment itna pyaar de jayega. Hundreds of You messaged that they loved the “Sapno ka Ghar” reference and the fact that I was not cribbing.

Seriously, Mister Tikku family is as Cute as Mister Tikku. Ha ha ha ha

Socho to kya nahi ho sakta

Same day Ek aur cheez notice ki maine. Pehle Ghar bante the tab Cement, Badarpur, Rorri mix ko uppar pahunchane ke liye Ramp lagta tha and Tens of Labourers. Then Lift bani and ab Suction Crane se bhi hota hai. Par humare ghar ke saamne they were using a Lift and then wahaan se corners mein pahunchane ke liye they were using a trolley. Same jaise Movies mein CameraMen use karte hai. Socho to kya nahi ho sakta, yeh sikhaya uss nazare ne. You can watch the Video here

Daaru Induced 24 Hours fasting

Ab Chaalbaaz movie ka Rajnikant Sahab ka Dialogue “Aaj Sunday hai, Din mein Do baari Daaru peene ka day hai” bahut pasand hai mere ko. Two to nahi par sunday ko ek baar to pi hi leta hu and This Sunday I showcased my Vodka collection with instagram family to ask kaunsi piyu for Lunch. Kaafi reply aaye and then Eventually Gurleen ne bola ki Gin peeni hai and then mixed our Gin with TogetherAt12th ka Sweet Chilli Cocktail Concoction . Itna anand aaya along with Roasted Chicken ki aakhir DInner hi skip kar diya maine. Rather, it lead to a 24 Hours fasting 🙂

Connecting the Dots

This is one concept I love a lot. And uski ek personal story ko 5 saal ho gaye iss week.

Long story short mein sunata hu. 5 years back I went to Auroville and also met a friend Abhishek Garg bhai who was volunteering there at Svaram. He displayed to us some unique Music instruments. 2 days later I saw a photo on my friends FB. The same instrument and hands of my friend. I recognized his watch. I connected them and they became friends.

After 6 months, Abhishek Bhai posted a Query “Please connect with a Volunteer Musician/Background Scorer who has been composing lately” My friend saw this and connected her to  a friend and she in turn connected him to Jerry Silvester Vincent Bhai. A great Musician who works with A R Rahman Sir. And then the unbelievable happened. They connected and Jerry Bhai composed the amazing Music for the Movie Asmad. Kab kaun kahaan mil jaaye aur aapki zindagi ka ek chotta hissa bankar aapko Barri Khushi de jaaye yeh pata nahi. Keep Connecting 🙂

Ordering from outside

 As I said pehle, We have started ordering Cooked Food. Rather only accepting Food for Review from Restaurants we trust. Our small way to Support them.

The places we relished our Food were Tenali Kitchen, Pirates of Grill, Farzi cafe & TogetherAt12th. Go ahead and order from them if you want and yes, They take care from their side, you take care from your side.

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