Sharing some Unknown Facts about MYSELF

Kaise hai aap jee,

Last newsletter par kaafi pyare reply bheje aapne. Eventually, I never liked one-way Conversation, Dono taraf se baat hoti rehni chahiye kyuki, baat karne se baat banti hai. So Keep sharing your views on my thoughts.

Iss baari I am taking you on a journey and telling you some unknown facts about me. Kuch Newsletter mein dekhiye, Kuch Website par aur kuch aur share karenge aapke saath jaldi.

Iss baar went to the Indian School Of Hospitality as a Jury member and bahut accha experience raha and I shared that too. Agar aapka thora bhi interest hai in Cooking then you will like to read it.

My Jhaiji (Daadi jee) Used to tell me ki Daaye haath se do to Baaye ko pata nahi chalna chahiye. And I have followed it all along. Par iss baar Maine bataya. Batana ki Sahi kiya ya galat.

Also, hum log aksar Ek cheeez ke picche parr jaate hai to bas parr hi jaate hai and ignore the other beautiful things around it. So iss baar maine Murthal se hattkar, Gajraula aur Meerut Highway ki eatery ke experience ke baare mein likha. Aap bhi parriyega jee 🙂

Issue 20 | 6th June 2023

Unknown Facts about Mister Tikku

  • As many think, Tikku is not my Surname. It’s my NickName which is further derived from Twinkle.
  • I loved Standard Ki Pinni so much, ki jab Shaadi hui meri, I was adamant ki we shall distribute Pinni only. Every morning for 20 days I drove from Rajouri Garden to Karol Bagh to pick up 20 Boxes
  • We stayed in Om Bhature Waali Gali in Karol Bagh and my School Friends Lovingly called me Om Bhature waale ka Jawai.
  • There is no Song/Ghazal/Poem which I have/can memorize for more than 2-3 Lines. The only exceptions are Thora sa Japji Sahib, Poori Ganesh Arti & some lines of Chithi aayi hai & Chandi jaisa Rang hai tera.
  • Blogging was never a profession for me. Bas dil ne jo kaha karte gaye and dheere dheere paise aate gaye.
  • Mujhe kuch asaani se nahi Milta. Par jo milta hai, jab milta hai bahut accha Milta hai.

If you have any questions then ask them at [email protected] or DM me on my Instagram
Kahaniya aur bhi hai, For more such Facts Click here.

Meeting Super Talented Young Chefs

Many people ask me. Do you Cook? And believe me, I’m asked this often. Some times to kuch log mujhe Chef bhi kehte hai, probably assuming from my Food Exploring ki I COOK.

My reply to them is always, “I only Cook Stories”. Ab aisa nahi hai ki I don’t like Cooking, Seekh jaunga, kuch bnana ayega to I would love doing it par abhi tak seekha nahi hai. 

Par then Last week I was invited to join the Jury at the Indian School of Hospitality for Distingu-ISH-ED Culinary Fest 2023

Pehli baar gaya wahaa and itna accha laga ki dil chaha ki wahi admission le lu. And accha isliye nahi laga ki Sundar hai, isliye bhi laga kyuki ISH has Excellent Infrastructure, Perfect Environment, Experienced Faculty and Handpicked Students as your classmates who would have the same Zeal as you would have.

It was a great experience to meet so many talented students & savour their creations which were at Par with the Finest I have relished 🙂 I wish these future “Masters of Hospitality” the best of everything 🙂

Educating Children in need

For the last 6 years, We have been part of an NGO, LECIN,  Bole to “Let’s Educate Children in Need” As LECIN Name suggests, They have been doing their bit in Educating Children who want to study but can’t.

I have attended many events of theirs, ek Christmas waale mein to mein Santa Claus bhi bana tha. 

Last week they completed 8 Years & got 100 Plus of their students together from all the centres to witness the event & perform. Unki baatein sunkar, Unka talent dekhkar, Unka Confidence dekhkar, Unke beech mein baithkar, Dil Khush ho gaya.

Meri Jhaiji ne mujhe sikhaya tha ki Daaye haath se kisi ko do to baaye ko pata nahi chalna chahiye. I have always believed in this. Aajkal ki duniya mein kehte hai ki If you give then show to all as in today’s world you are connected with thousands and shayad it may motivate them in a small way.

Mein Shayad poori zindagi isi pasho-pesh mein guzaar dunga ki iske baare mein baat karni chahiye ki nahi.

Par aaj allow me to share that we have been supporting the education of a Few Children through LECIN @info.lecin for the past 6 years and on their Annual Day we did our Bit by Sponsoring their lunch. Vadiya Waali Thaali. 😊 Click here.

“Sabko Shiksha Mile, Sabki Bhookh Mitte”

Murthal hua Purana, Gajraula aur Meerut aa gaya hai

Murthal Ka Alternative

Hum Dilli waalo mein Murthal ka bahut hype hai. Chalo Murthal chalte hai, Par ab na mujhe wahaan ke paranthe acche lagte hai na hi Vibe. 

Last 2 weeks mein kuch alag dekha,

I went for a Shoot to Gajraula and then to Meerut. Dono ke Highway par Barriya se Good Hubs bane hue hai.

Best part kya hai? Best par yeh hai ki Mera Ghar , Jo Rajouri Garden mein hai wahaan se Gajraula jaane mein 2 Hour 12 mins lage aur Merrut mjaane mein 1 Hour 46 minutes lage. The best part, Yeh dono mai peak time mein gaya tha. So if you go in Non-peak Hours ya phir East/South/CentralDelhi/Noida se jaa rahe ho then aur bhi kam. The time taken to Murthal from my home is 1 hour 15 mins. 

Ab yeh bta du ki maine kya khaya and kahaan. In Gajraula I went to Kundan’s(click to watch its reel). Pure outlet serving Great Khaana, Sweets, Chaat & Bakery Items, Started in 1947, Kundan now has 6 Outlets across the Gajraula, Moradabad, Kashi Pur, Jim Corbett Belt. Must try their Mitahis and Platters.

Meerut Mein, I went to Biggies. A brand started 12 years back and now has 19 Pizza Outlets on this belt and 2 tastefully done Highway Outlets. Serving everything from Pizza, Burgers, Thalis, Chinese, etc. Must try their Pizzas. 

Needless to say super secure spaces, Clean Bathrooms and Ample Parking Spaces. 

Will cover more outlets and share aapke saath.

The More you Travel, The More you Unravel

The more you Travel, The More you unravel.

I wrote this many years ago and the belief gets stronger with each passing day.

Last Month Kaafi Travel kiya. Ab iss Month mein bhi plans hai. Bombay ke, Hyderabad ke, Nagpur ke, Kolkata ke. Ghoomte rahenge, Khaate rahenge and Food Influencers Meets bhi karte rahenge 🙂

Aap kis sheher mein rehte hai, Apne sheher ki Kuch acchi jagah DM kijiye and chale aate hai aapke sheher aapke saath khaane jee 🙂

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