Sapna Kachori

SUNDAY SPECIAL : Sundays are special for me because of my father and this place is special to me because of him only. I remember as young kids dad used to take @chughkevin & I to all sorts of places to have brunch – Kabhi Chole bhature. Kabhi Kachori sabzi. Pakore. Chaat. Sometimes all together! 😅 When @mistertikku said ki @sapnakachoriwala chalenge – I was the happiest person on the planet. Sir ji, It’s always so much fun to shoot with you! 🤗🥰

Also, He might not want me to say this (Sorry Tikku ji!) but I just have to – We were shooting in front of @sapnakachoriwala and one of the staff told him “Aaj mere liye bahut acha din hai kyunki aap dukaan par aaye ho aur meri beti ghar vapas aayi hai” It was SO SWEET of him to express himself like that and before we left – Tikku ji gave him a small gift as Shagun for his daughter saying “Aapki beti aayi hai toh mujhe laga jaise meri aa gayi. Please yeh le lo meri taraf se uske liye” He felt the emotion. He understood that guys happiness. Such a good man he is. 🥹 Love you Tikku paaji! Keep batao-ing pyaar and happiness in the world like you do. ♥️

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