Saare Rule Shule Torr Do

“First break all the Rules” is a Book I bought 7 years back from Darya Ganj Book Bazaar for Rs 50. Best Rs 50 spent of my life.

Uske khareedne na ek hi maqsad tha, I loved the Title and tab se I have followed this. 

This is more relevant today when the Life has changed.

Ab hum sab RE karna paregga

So, let us get REcharged, REmind ourselves our Goals & REtrain ourselves & REsume our Life, so we can get the Desired REsults.

Let us break our own REcords & RElish this life when it has given us an Opportunity to REtake.

Par haan, Do remember to “First break all the Rules”

Now Starting August I see many signs of Life coming to normal for many. Bas Dhyaan rakhna 🙂

Issue 8 | August 1, 2020

Pizza of a Stranger

Normally people have Pizza with a Stranger and I had one of a Stranger. This is a story of last year on how Me & my friends asked and ate a Pizza of a Stranger at a Party, Not Knowing it was a Pizza she had paid for. Have a Slice of this Story here

Tikku @ 38 calling Tikku @ 18

4 years back when I turned 38, I made an effort to talk to Younger Tikku at 18 & share 38 of my Experiences & Learnings. Had I known about these lessons earlier, I would have Struggled a bit less, made a little Less Mistakes & would have Smiled a bit more. Tweeted them again last week. Here is the Thread.

Soona Office

There are 2 places where you spend most of your time on. Home as well as office.  This week I visited my office after a long time. Office jahaan har corner par kahaniya hai, Har corner khud Sajaya and wahaan jahaan par baithkar kaam bhi kiya and sapne bhi Sajaye. Yes, All will be well, shayad office ki zaroorat hi na parre. Par jo bhi kaho, Woh mitti se bhara Desk dekhkar accha nahi laga Full Story here

Mujhse Dosti Karoge

Friendship day bhi aa gaya jee. Bas ek bahana to wish your friends and remind them we love them. Many Love Relationships start from Dosti. 15 Years pehle waale Friendship Day par I gifted Gurleen jee an Audio Cassette of movie “Mujhse Dosti Karoge” It was combo Cassette with Songs of Movie Jism (I love Jism Movie ke gaane)

Ab when I look back then realise ki JISM was the wrong combo to be given to a friend.
Do wish your Friends, Kya pata Dosti Pyaar mein Badal jaaye.


Last week Friend se gappe maarte hue pata chala ki he was not aware about our Merchandise store. Waise galti hamari hai, Humne zyada promote bhi nahi kiya. This is a passion project ki bas karna hai. Par then we revived it this week and also placed some offers. If you are a Burger, Pizza, Chai, Coffee Lover then head to this Link

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