RestauRANT – No! , RestauCARE – Yes!

Kehte hai God Lies in details. Jab aap Chotti Chotti baatien par bhi barra dhyaan dete ho tab jaadu hota hai in everything you do.

And socha why the RANT in Restaurant it should be CARE because thats what they do, Hence RestauCare

Here are some such Heartwarming Observations/Stories

The Bombay Canteen

May 27, 2020

Jaise iss Pic ko hi dekh lijiye.
This was last year at the iconic @thebombaycanteen
The Servers their were wearing T-Shirts saying BRO, Gehrayi dekhi iske Sandra .

1) As a Restaurateur, Automatically your Team shall be called Bro and not Waiter, Bhaiya, Idhar aana etc. Etc. This brings them respect.

.2) Automatically When you say Bro a connection is made between you and the server and that’s not just khane ka Order dena and Khana lekar aana tak simit.

And this showed in their Vibe too, They behaved one of us because we treated them as one of us.

While Training my Team in retail, I told them wear what your customers wear. .Invest in a good Levis, Wear a Good T-shirt even if you repeat it thrice a week. Let the Customer feel he is not buying from Salesman but from a Friend who understands his taste.

The Bombay Canteen, Dil jeet liya BRO


.Aapki aisi koi observation? .#RestauCare

 Hotel Sunsiti Classic , Bhatinda

October 11, 2018

Today had been a long and Tiring day. Reception par poocha gaya ki “Sirjee, Roti ka kya plan?”We had our lunch at 4 pm So I said Roti ki iccha nahi par raaste mein ek Kulfi Faluda waali van dikhi thi. Woh khaane jaayenge.

And then we got busy in writing abut our day, backing up the data etc.

We didn’t realise ki yahaan 9 baje sab bandh jo jaata hai. Par they knew. Inhone dekh liya ki we have not stepped out of our rooms and we may miss the Kulfi Faluda.

So they got them packed for us Itni Meethi Kulfi to kabhi nahi khaayi. Believe me , we are here as a normal Oyo Customer for them. Bhatinda Waalo dil jeet liya jee

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