Hello Jee,

Sabse pehle to Maafi jee,
We did not send last week wala Newsletter.
And nahi Mein koi Jhootha Bahana nahi lagaunga.
Tried to write thrice par words flow nahi hue & I decided not to Write Forcefully & send something jo na aapko accha lage na mujhe.

Zindagi jeene ka bhi yehi saleeka hai.
Do things that make you happy, Not because it’s a Duty. If you do it like only a duty then aapko bhi maza nahi ayega and jo bhi aap karoge usme na mithaas hogi na Barqat.

I see so many people aajkal disappointed because they see so many things happening around wherein they have not been able to do much. Koi baat nahi, Niraash nahi hona. Jab apna samay ayega to thokk daalna. Kehte hai na “Sau Sunaar ki, Ek Lohar ki”

Hit it hard when you think it’s the right time.
Till then enjoy the WOH in hum sabki zindagi, And also see how I recreated a moment that made me smile and do try it and make yourself happy too.

Happy Independence Jee! May you get the freedom to Express, Learn, Ear, Grow, Love, Eat and Live in the way you deem is right, without Harming anyone. That is FREEDOM! 😊

Issue 9 | August 15, 2020


Yes yes, And let this Independence Day free us from all the Things we don’t like. Har koi Azaad ho to Eat, Express, Learn, Earn, Grow in anyway without harming anyone. More Importantly Let us get Independence from Chotti Soch, Motta Shareer!


Pehle woh ko bahut ajeeb nazro se dekha jaata tha. Kaun Thi/Tha WOH jo unke rishte mein aa gaya.

Par nahi jee sab badal chuka hai today WOH aapke saath hi Rehta hai, Sota hai, Khaata hai and aap Apne Pati ya Patni ki jagah WOH ko zyada niharte ho.
This WOH is a phone & last I checked just my instagram usage was more than 2 Hours. Yes 10% of my Life and Abhi I’m not even saying 10% of my awake time. woh tab bhi shayad zyada hota 😊

And aajkal to yeh WOH sabke paas hai. 😊

Pati patni ke Woh Se pareshaan, Patni pati ke WOH se, Mummy Baccho ke WOH se & aajkal to Bacche bhi mummy ke WOH se. Ha ha ha So Bas uss par ek meme bana diya from an old Photo of Gurleen jee & Meri along with a Promise ki yeh WOH jaldi hi WHO ban jaye in bedroom.


It’s always good to look at our past and see hum kaise the and Kahaan aa gaye hain. It Motivates you always. You may see a “Smiling You” who is smiling less now, You may see a “Sad You” compared to a Cheerful one you are now.

It will help you to be grateful for your blessings and also push you to become a better version of yourself. Maine bhi kiya, I posted a pic from 2010 with Gurbani on my shoulders from 2012 and then recreated it in 2020 with a Heavier Gurbani. Not only I smiled now, but also created Smiles for life.

Aap bhi kijiye and share kijiyega on Social Media. Tag me or use #PhirWohiDin. Hum bhi LIKE krenge

Travel Sickness has a New Meaning

Jaise Home se door rehne par Homesickness hoti hai waise hi travel se
door rehne par Travel Sickness ho rahi hai (Don’t go by Dictionary
meaning Ha ha ha).

“Mann kar rha hai ki urr jaaye kahi vaadiyo mein jahaan shaanti ho, Chirriyo ki Chehak ho phoolon ki mehak ho aur aapke andar ka lekhak jaag jaaye aur kuch barriya si panktiyaan aapki kalam se beh jaaye”

Hey Bhagwaan, see the impact, Likhte likhte beh gaya mein, Vadiyo mein
aise hi pahunch gaya mein, Moh par thandi hawa aane lagi aur apne aap hi
DIlli baithe meri kalam se Shyahi behne lagi”Yaar ab to jaana hi paregga.
However, last week, I travelled to Hongkong Virtually with my old Videos and have reposted them all. Dekhiyega(On Instagram & FB Page)

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