Independence Day Chala gaya hai and ALL of us celebrated. But for many it is also the moment where many of our Forefathers braved all barriers and reached INDIA. The new India after Partition. And some lost their Lives while taking this journey. 

As a member of the Family which shifted from Peshawar, Pakistan in 1947 during Partition, I really want to Thank my Grandparents for all the trouble they took and decided to leave all they had and move to a City they knew nothing of.

They lost all they had, Ghar, Business, Belongings.

Today, it sends chills down my spine thinking ki kya hua hota agar woh India na aaye hote. 

Par then my Dada jee, came to india, Settled in Delhi and built a Name and Business for himself again. 

Yehi life hai, And shayad aaj ka time bhi waisa ki we have to Re-Start, Re-learn. The world has flattened and it’s time for you to rise, Higher than before.

Issue 10 | August 29,2020


Yes, I don’t know the language Pashto. I don’t know ki Peshawri’s kya khaate hai, I don’t know how Peshawri’s dress up.

Par my Grand Parents were from Peshawar from towns called Hoti Mardaan and Basti Shababgarra. Aage ki kahani aapko Post mein dikhata hu. Dekh lijiye, It will be a Sweet journey to Peshawar and back in 3 minutes.

Jai Ganesh Deva

Life mein kabhi ratta lag nahi paaya. Exam mein bas samajh ke jaata tha apni language mein likh aata tha. Jo marks milte the unse khush ho jaata tha. Sometimes, I want to memorize Some Movie Songs, Bulle Shah ki poetry,  Gulzar sahab ke shabd. Par nahi. Bas yaad hai to 3 Cheezein. Dekho kya yaad hai and unme se ek meri awaaz mei suniye 🙂


Kehte hain dance Like nobody’s watching. I remember going to Fun’N’Food Village for a school trip and somehow bahut naacha wahan. Akele mein hi jhoom rha tha. When I stepped down from Stage, a junior came to me & said “Paagal lag rahe ho Dance karte hue” Bura Laga, bahut bura. Ghar par mood bhi kharaab tha. Par then raat ko hi parra that, “Those Who Dance Are Considered Insane by Those Who can’t Hear the Music” Bas usi din se soch liya, if I can listen to the sound then naachunga. Aise hi ek dance ki video yeh rahi. We were dancing aise hi, Nau nau Churriyan baad mein lagaya 🙂

AM or PM?

Hum sabki Zindagi ki ek Kash-mKash hai. Ok not sabki bas 90% logo ki. Issue yeh hai ki which bracket do we fall in. Getting up early wale
Log ya Sleeping jaldi waale log. I have been confused about it for decades now. Dil kehta tha Subah. Par kahi na kahi clarity nahi thi. Par
last week pata chal gaya. Read my realisation here and tell me which
PERSON are you 🙂

Baap Numbari bacche dus Numbri

My Kids Gurbani & Hargun are getting smarter by the day.
Last week, they Interviewed their Mummy, Gurleen. Kuch Mushkil, Kuch asaan Sawaal, Kuch Serious kuch funny. I was behind the camera and then pitched in a Rapid Fire where I asked Questions from Gurleen and based on the answer Gurleen would Point towards the child who fits in that criteria. Poora na dekhna ho to skip to 7:12 directly HERE

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