IGI Airport par kese Istemal kare Coke machine

2018 mein Kuala Lumpur ja rha tha and was waiting at the Airport. Tab, I saw an Aged German lady trying to fumble with the Dispensing machine. But nahi ho paa rha tha.

Thori der baad I realised that she was about to give up, tab mein utha and helped her. She exclaimed with Joy, “That was easy”.

Yes zindagi mein kaafi nayi cheezein aati hai jo humko mushkil lagti hai. Then, it becomes so easy once we use it or see someone use it. FOR LIFE 🙂

Maine tab ek Long Form video banayi thi and was helpful to many.

Iss baar Airport par was waiting for my flight & socha ki Ab ke zamane ke hisaab se ek short video, Bole to Reel bana lete hai. So here it is.

For a person who in the last four months has been to Airports in Zurich, Bangkok & Frankfurt, Let me tell you that not only are these Dispensing Machines at Delhi Airport very Convenient but also very well priced.

Inn dispensing Machines mein Coke ke Variations Hai, Fanta hai, Sprite hai, ThumsUp hai, Monster hai, Maaza hai, Minute Maid Juices hai & Water Bottles bhi.

So, next time you are at the airport or near any vending machine, then do not hesitate to use the dispensing machine. Baaki paani ke liye to Free Water Coolers hai hi 🙂

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