Galti hum sab karte hai, Shayad Roz hi karte hai, Micchami Dukkadam

Issue 11| September 5, 2020

Hello jee, Kaise hai aap,

Thanks for showering so much love on last week’s newsletter. And Whatsapp par to 350 pyaare messages aaye & its was fun replying to each one of you.

Aisi kahani sunata hu jo shayad Mujhe & Gurleen ko hi pata hai.

Mujhe gussa kam aata hai par yes aata hai. 

8 years back We had ordered a Bunk bed for Kids on time so that we could get it before we shifted to our Newly Constructed home. 

Hum shift bhi ho gaye and Bed nahi aaya. 5 days after Due Date I went to the furniture shop to enquire.

Owner was not there but jis Salesman ne becha tha was. Pehle din bhi he said something ulta pulta par I ignored thinking ke Lehja hi aisa hoga.

When I inquired about the Bunk bed he said Paint ho raha hai. 2 days aur lagenge. Hearing this, I got angry and it seemed it was routine for him. He was rude to me to an extent that when I raised my voice, he pointed his finger at me and said “Chup kar Sardar varna yahin maarunga”

Bas uss time, I also lost control and held that very finger and morr di. Mein josh mein hosh nahi khota so did not Morr di like Ajay Devgan did in Golmaal 3. But yes thori si. 

And realising this would escalate, I moved back. And called the Owner on his phone. He came, apologized on behalf of his employee and told me that the bed shall be delivered in 3 hours. 

I received a call after 2 hours to send someone with the remaining amount so that they can send the Bed to us. 

Ab mann mein kahi na kahi I was feeling bad. Galti meri nahi thi, par ek guilt tha mann mein. 

I gave remaining amount to Gagan Bhaiya and gave him Rs 200 more so that he can get some Jalebis and Samose from Pappu Halwai (Humare ghar ke piche, inki barfi bhi kaafi mast hai) for the Employees of the shop and give it to HIM and say ki Sir ne bheja hai.

That was my Way of Saying Sorry. Uske baad aisa kabhi hua nahi ya samjho hua hoga to anjaane mein.

Par mein yeh ab bata raha hu because 3 days back I wrote about this wonderful concept of Jain people called Micchami Dukkadam. Where once a year on a specific date, they say Micchami Dukkadam to all they know and that means, if I have Intentionally or Unintentionally hurt you in any way then I am sorry.

Yeh Parriye aur bhi hai iss MTNL bole to Mister Tikku newsletter mein along with other pyari Kahaniya 

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Galti hum sab karte hai,Shayad Roz hi karte hai, Micchami Dukkadam

It is incredible how many hearts can be healed with 2 Words ‘I’m Sorry’. Yes, and here I talked about the Annual Jain Concept of Micchami Dukkadam and also the next best way to say Sorry, meri Nazar se   Here is the Story

Sapne Poore Hote hai

In 2005, with our 3 months old son Hargun in Lap, Gurleen somehow ventured into a territory she had not thought about. On the way she got lots of Love, Accolades, Appreciations and managed to achieve many targets she had kept for herself. One such target she recently accomplished was MDRT in Life Insurance. Million Dollar Round Table is a club that has only Top 0.1% of India’s Insurance Advisors.  In 2018 & 2019 she was short of some Numbers in December. And this year she accomplished the Target in September only, Still 4 Months for the year to end Read more here, Gurleen ki Zubaani.

Take a Break

Gurleen and I did a Fun Interview just like Anushka Sharma & Virat Kohli did on Instagram. Hum bhi Inspire ho gaye. Why not   Agar aapko dekhna hai to yeh raha. 🙂

Food Food & MORE Food

Last 10 days was a Food Delivery marathon. We are taking all precautions with regards to food that we order and that is hardly once or twice a week. Par this week, We accepted a lot of deliveries and wrote all the pending Blogs too. Jab iccha kare then go to our Social media handles and Check #MisterTikkuReviews This week dil khush hua from food of Yours Truly Butter Chicken, Embassy Catering, Etsu, Catch me if you Raan & Village Degh 

Happy Birthday Makkhan Singh

I complete 2 years as Makkhan Singh this September. For those of you who joined recently, BarBeQue Nation did a Punjabi food festival in 2018 called #JattSetGo. Makkhan  Singh was the Brand Ambassador of that campaign that was played by your Bhai, yaani ki GST! The campaign was So successful that more Efforts were put into the campaign. Makkhan Singh yaani aapka Bhai Travelled to 15 different BarBeQueNation outlets in 7 Cities and Performed there. The campaign lasted for 60 days but gave me 60,000 reasons to smile.We also won ‘Best Use of Influencer in the Food Category Award’ by Social Samosa. You can see the ad & a glimpse of its impact here.

How can I make you Happy

Mister Tikku members are family to us chahe woh aap jaise Dost ho who read our Newsletter, or see my Paagalapanti on Youtube, Instagram, Blog, Facebook, Whatsapp etc. Last week we asked our Instagram members how can I make you happy. Kaafi Cute requests aayi. We shall be fulfilling some this week. If you want me to make you HAPPY in some way then Instagram pe Direct Message kijiye. Dekhte hai ki kya kar sakte hai 

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