Ek Kahani Sunata hu

Issue 2 | June 20,2020

Hello Hello jee, kaise hai aap?

Last week I dipped into lots of old stories and they made me smile throughout. Sharing some here in “Ek Kahani Sunata hu” 


And aap bhi picche murrkar dekhiyega, Kuch haseen yaadien will be good enough to make you feel happy.
At the same time, Keep Creating beautiful memories 


No this Story is not about us! It’s about “Poochne mein kya jaata hai”.
Last year same time, We were in Macau and waiting at this crossing for the light to turn green..Poora frame itna accha laga ki I wish we had a photo yahaan.. Bas ek second lgaya, Saath Kharri ek Larki ko Request kiya ki ek Pic le lo please. .Jaise hi click hui, Light turned Green & saare Bhaagne lage..Par uss Moment par we captured a moment that will now stay with us forever and am glad to share this moment Apke saath.. Reiterates my philosophy of “Poochne mein kya jaata hai” .


It’s been 19 years since my Nana jee Expired. We lovingly called him Papa jee, with an H, so it became Pahpa jee.Lovingly he used to call me Tikozia ya Makkhan Singh!He expired late at night and subah when I was in his room, There were loads of papers on the table and a box full of Medicines.
The papers were all his medical reports that have come back from hospital.Made me Think, Ek hi second mein inka mayna khatam ho gaya. Ab yeh Reports kisi kaam ki nahi and yeh mediciines bhi!
(for the family) Today I was looking at my Diary and Notes written some time back. Hota hai na, we want to do various things and keep noting them
down ki kabhi to krenge. And woh din kabhi nahi aata. Unme se kaafi points aise the jinka iss nayi
Post Covid Duniya mein koi Mayna nahi hai. They seem to be as useless as those Medical reports from years ago. Bahut kuch sikha gaya yeh Co Ro NA, Yeh bhi keh raha hai ki “RO NA-hi”


After Suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput, lot many People posted that they are open to listen to their friends who may want to talk. I decoded it with my experience and shared how it is not as easy as it seems. Read it here


PAGER ki kahani..2001 ki baat hai..Ek baar ek DATE ke baad, Ek larrki ne mujhe Pager par message bheja. “You embraced me”.I wondered
ki Bhai aisa kaise, maine to touch bhi nahi kiya!.Jab phone par baat hui on
Landline then pata chla she meant Embarrassed!.Shayad Tareef zyada kar
di thi so she felt embarrassed 🙂

Hard Disk On Oxygen Support

I have already told my children that whenever things are not right, think of
the worst-case scenario and you shall feel relaxed and you shall fight the problem at hand acche se. For me One of the worst-case scenarios was my hard Disk falling and losing my data even for a day. Par aisa hi hua, See my story how in these times, it didnt feel like Worst Case Scenario

Ad Ki Copy

Bachpan se hi I have been in love with the duniya of Ads & marketing. Kuch time se I wanted to copy kuch ads. Iss baar kar diya. “Replaced”
Ranveer Singh in Kotak 811 ki new Video KYC ad. Dekho and meri
overacting dekhkar hasso


Few Years back I visited Rishikesh for the very first time and wahaan Hotel
mein enter kiya to saw ek bhaiya coming aage se. Saw his T-shirt & loved the Quote. Yehi hai Zindagi mein Khush rehne ka ek tareeka.

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