Dosa @KFC

KFC par Dosa accha hota hai 😃

Now if you are wondering ki KFC par to Dosa milta hi nahi then let me tell you yeh Kentucky Fried Chicken wala KFC nahi, Balki Karnataka Food Centre wala KFC hai 😊

Jee yes and yahana humne Dosa, Vada, Idly khaaya with a very special Person ho Doctor bhi hai, Chef bhi and Norway mein unka Restaurant hai @nila.norway

Jee Yes baat ho rahi hai @dr.chef_sakirat jee

Glad to meet someone who matched my energy Toto 😊😃

Humne Dosa Khaaya, Vada Khaaya, Idli Khayi.

Rates are very reasonable.

Andar Pankhe hai AC nahi.

Just 4 steps to the Restaurant, staff Friendly hai, Bahar Parking asaani se mil jayegi. Moti Bagh Metro Station se 2 mins Walking and Petrol Pump ke Bilkul Saath.

Luxury jagah soch kar mat jaana, Baaki Experience is great 😊

Karnataka Food Centre
Sector 12, Rama Krishna Puram, New Delhi.

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