Café Delhi Heights – Above the normal heights by Darvesh Singh

Café Delhi Heights – above the normal heights                                                                                                                             (@FOODieDsk101)

It had been a long time since I had a great experience and had nothing but enjoyment and fun! Like I said the environment in the Café Delhi Heights was above the norm, having mini wine bottles on the wall which gave it an authentic look, an open kitchen from where we could see the delicious stuff coming and a great company of Tikku uncle to enjoy and learn.

For us foodies, there were 4 servings in which the starters were pizza, a freshly made thin crust with cheese oozing out and a blend of sauces and barbecued chicken topped, it was just divine!


Then came the white sauce pasta. With oregano and parsley topped it looked and smelled amazing. But there were some flaws too, I expected some more chicken in it (we all do that) and it was a little bit chewy as well. Besides the flaws the pasta sauce had a great consistency which was perfect, they also served us fried chicken sticks which were a little bit dry.


Then was the dessert time, the Café crew served us pastries which included the Chocolate and the Blueberry pastry.
It was a delight having them both!


The whole experience at Café Delhi Heights was amazing.

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