Big Tree – An Oasis In Gurgaon

Normally I do not visit Gurgaon for Reviews. Time bahut lag jaata hai and somehow poora Din bhi kharaab ho jaata hai

And when I got an invite to check out Newly opened The Big Tree Cafe on Golf Course road, My reaction was the same.
“Would love to come, but when, Woh btana mushkil hai”

But then Luck plays its own role. Very next day I had to fix up an Urgent meeting in Gurgaon and bas uske liye hi aana tha.

So I called The Big Tree Cafe and told them that I can be there by 3 & leave by 5.

Toll chala gaya par Toll ka Traffic Jam nahi!

Uss par jawaab aaya ki,yahaan ki Shaam bahut khoobsurat hoti hai in open. One can see the Sun Set (Not Literally though) and when the lights are lit the place turns out to be a beautiful oasis amidst the Shor Sharabba of Gurgaon.

Ab, somehow the poet in my jaaga and I said chalo aisa hi krenge.

Decided to be there by 5 and poore 4:45 tak I was at the Big Tree.

I kept 15 mins extra in hand to find the place. Par this was spotted easily being bang on the main Golf Course Road.

The entrance is Small but then bahar se hi you can see you are entering a Big garden kind of place. I stepped in and the vibes changed immediately. As I mentioned earlier, it looked like an oasis in a dessert. Shanti thi and on left there was a beautiful Hut kind of Structure that was the indoor seating space, in the open area was White Wrought iron furniture on White pebbles & Greenery was spread across the area.

The Small Bamboo Shack in one corner gives you a Goan Feeling. Par no, you will not get Liquor Here. Liquor is not available here as of now. However, they have very Aptly called that shack “NO BAR” and the shack serves the Shakes & Mocktails. 🙂

We ordered one of each. A “Piyakar Peru” Mocktail & the “Go Bananas” Shake.

I love my Dhudhu more than Drinks and Go Banana Shake, a combination of Banana & Coffee won my heart over. I strongly recommend the Shakes here.

Go Banana Shake

We had an option to sit inside too but then mausam suhana tha and I really love Observing the Twilight moment, hence we sat bahar and maza aa gaya.

The first plate on our table was of Biryani Arancini Balls. Total Delight. I have eaten at many places in the past few years, First being at Farzi Cafe. Some do a real great Job with it The Big Tree had done the same. Must order types hai.

Also was Ordered Three Cheese Brocolli & Smoked Chicken Pizza and both of them were loved by all on the table.

The prices are reasonable. Rs. 1000 for 2 types.

One corner of The Big tree Cafe, they have cabanas for groups and one gets a feeling of being in a Camping tents in Hills. Raat ko maa dugna ho jaata hai with fairy lights lighting up the cabanas.

Ek aur mazedar baat yeh hai ki they have an Interesting range of healthy Bowls and the one I opted for Strawberries Healthy Bowl. It looked Good, was Served in a Wooden Bowl and tasted perfect. The different textures of Apples, Strawberries, Apple, Pomegranate made every bite a different one 🙂 And they have Vegan options too.

Oh yes I talked about Wooden bowl! I also need to mention that even the spoons & Forks are made of Wood & Straws are made from Bamboo. Super Environment Friendly place 🙂

The place is Kids friendly and pet friendly too and for Entrepreneurs & Artists it is also a Co-working space as of now. So you can araam se work from here and just pay for what you order. No Extra Charges.

Need more reasons to go to The Big Tree Cafe?

Your Views?

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