Ganeshotsav or Ganesh Chaturthi, is a 10 day Hindu Festival, mainly celebrated in Maharashtra and Karnataka. Devotees welcome Lord Ganesha, with full enthusiasm and zest. Lord Ganesha aka Elephant Headed Deity is a symbol of new beginning, wisdom and removal of obstacles, as their devotees call him ‘ ‘Vighnaharta’’. Their devotees pay him homage in the form of delectable bhog. All Pandals will be set, Prasad will be made and traditional food will remain of culinary importance for the next 10 days. People from different regions all over India will make Prasad and bhog with their regional and unique flavors to offer to Bappa and a festive vibe will be enjoyed in the whole country. 

Here are some traditional foods that are commonly prepared as bhog during Ganesh Chaturthi:

1.UKADICHE MODAK-  Ganpati Bappa’s favourite and beloved sweet modak is offered to him as bhog and then distributed as Prasad. According to Hindu mythology, there are folktales, who have talked about the Ganesha’s divine love for modak. One such form of authentic delicacy of Maharashtra is Ukadiche Modak, made of rice flour with filling of jaggery and coconut. This traditional cultural delight makes its way in these celebrations and serves as of culinary importance



2.KOZHUKATTAI-  A traditional South Indian culinary masterpiece, popular in the region of Kerala is specially made during festive times like Ganesh Chaturthi. In its physical appearance and texture it’s quite similar to what modak looks like. But kozhukattai is backed by the regional uniqueness of South India. Prepared with the filling of jaggery or sugar and grated coconut, is popular as favourite bhog for Lord Ganesha in Kerala and known as karigadabu in Karnataka. 


3.SHEERA-  Sheera, also known as Suji Halwa, has a similar preparation of ghee, sugar and roasted semolina. They are often relished with the twist of taste by adding bananas and offered as the bhog to Ganpati Bappa.

4.PURAN POLI –  Another classic Maharashtrian household dish, loved even more during festive times is puran poli. With a heart full of joy, the kitchens of Maharashtra and Gujarat love to make this preparation of refined flour flatbread with sweet lentils and caramelised jaggery. Amongst modak and ladoo, Puran Poli is also offered by devotees to Lord Ganesha. 

5.COCONUT LADOO – With an easy preparation of coconut aka nariyal, sugar and condensed milk, this tropical offering to Lord Ganesha is one of his beloved bhog. If mythology is to be believed, ladoo used to be Bappa’s favourite sweet. Until Visarjan, his devotees love to offer these delicacies to him and enjoy these festive vibes with utmost celebration and happiness. 

“Disclaimer: The Information shared here has been picked from various Resources available  Online & offline and some by Calling and visiting the establishment. However, there is a possibility that some information may need to be matched. Please check it from your end before making a decision”.

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