Bacardi Breezer peene se kuch minute pehle

Yeh Hai Bacardi Breezer peene se kuch minute pehle ki Tasveer.

31st Dec 2003. New Year Eve.

Hardly 1 Month of our Engagement and we went to this New Year Eve ki Party at @wokintheclouds Rajouri Garden.

Package to Drinks waala tha and Mein Bacardi Breezer peene waala. So wohi pi and asked @gurleentikku to have 1 too. Yes, Just One.

12:30 Ho gaye and as planned by us. Gurleen ke Papa came to pick Gurleen at that time.

Ab Ghar Jaakar Gurleen called me up at 2am ki she Vomitted.

Probably Bacardi Breezer bhi Hajam nahi hui. Will not blame her, Mein bhi max 2 Peene waalo mein se tha. And Raat ko mujhe neend na aaye. Kahi Gurleen ke parents yeh na samjhe ki Larrkka Kharaab hai, Humari Beti ko bigaarr dega and kahi Rishta na Torr de.

Anyways aisa kuch nahi hua and Gurleen and Mera Bacardi Breezer ka Silsila 4 Saal chala jiske baad we Graduated to other drinks. Par jo nasha uss time Milta tha Bacardi Breezer se woh Kisi aur mein nahi milta.

Waise kitne bhole lag rahe hai na Hum dono, Sirf Lag nahi rahe, Hum The Bhole, Hum Hai Bhole. 🙂🙂🙂

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