Ananda Factory Tour

Sacchi Ghatna par Adharit

November mein, I visited the Trade Fair, Wahaan tha @anandadairy ka stall. Hum Ghar par inka hi Paneer use karte hai and Maza aata hai.

Wahi par I met Suraj Bhai, Director with Ananda Dairy and maine pooch hi liya ki “Itna barriya Paneer banate kaise ho”

He was kind enough to invite me to his Plant on Delhi’s outskirts.

Hum bhi Seekhne ka mauka nahi chorrte and agar woh Khaane se related hai then Bilkul bhi nahi 🙂

So hum pahunch gaye, and what I saw was not what I had imagined.
It was HUGE
It was Poora AUTOMATED

The entire process made me wonder in excitement and made my Faith in Ananda’s Paneer stronger.

Poore process mein at NO stage is the Paneer/Ingredients are untouched by Naked Human Hand.

Sab automated hai and bas 2-3 jagah par Gloved Hand touch karta hai.

As you see in the video, this is an Automatic machine that keeps moving apne aap. Containers apne aap Sterilize hote hai after every use. Automatically Milk aur Coagulant add hota hai to coagulate (Dhoodh Farrna in Ghar ki language) the milk.

Then Automatic Stir hota hai. Pehle Clock Wise and then Anti Clock Wise. Then, the Paneer is strained and added to a Mould, which is pressed for a few minutes to get shaped.

Uske baad mould moves to the conveyor belt, where it is opened & the Paneer Slab is kept in Chilled water for 4 hours.

Uske baad the Paneer slab is moved to the cutting department where pehle se hi Weight Set hua hota hai moves and gets sliced.

Uske baad it reaches the packing station & wahi par Batch number print hota hai and is ready to be dispatched to various Shops, Diaries etc jidhar se hum Ghar laate hai and Mazedaar Matar Paneer, Paneer Bhurji, Paneer ke Paranthe, Shahi paneer etc. bana kar khaate hai 🙂

And this is just one part of the Plant. Isi Plant par Ananda ki Dahi, Ice-Cream, Flavoured Milk wagerah bhi banta hai.

Aapko Baaki Product, Milk ki Sourcing ka setup dekha hai then comment mein bata dijiye 🙂

By the way, do you know that Andnda Paneer comes in more than five variants and produces more than 50000 kg of milk daily?

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