10 virtues of a Foodie

Today on Dusshera Day everything we talk about is Good, Evil, Ram ,Ravan.
And when we talk of Ravan we talk about Intelligence, Kingdom, Power, and also his 10 heads.


Ravan 10 heads Mister Tikku

Illustration/ Amit Bandre

So, when 10 is the flavour of Day, why not relate it to ourselves and list down 10 Virtues of a Foodie.

So here they are. 10 Virtues that today’s new age foodie has that makes him Stand Out- tall and Proud 🙂

  1. He is willing to Eat ANYTHING

  2. Spends some time ogling at the Dish before eating it

  3. He can eat all kinds of Food, but then when he needs to stand in Queue or have to make great effort to eat, then its gets tastier

  4. No Distance is long enough to keep him away from Food

  5. A Meal is incomplete till someone attacks his plate and takes a bite without asking

  6. His Nazar is always on the last piece of Chicken/paneer

  7. He loves to eat with more Friends, so that the Number of Dishes ordered and relished are more.

  8. He will always try to eat at a New Place rather than one already visited.

  9. While having Chicken/Paneer Chowmein he will keep some Chunks of chicken/paneer aside to relish it at last

  10. He has to,  HAS To click a pic of the food before eating 🙂

If you could relate with any one of them do share with us so that we know we have you amongst us.
Also please do help us in adding more through your comments on the blog… So next Dusshera we can make these 10 to 20 or may be 30.



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