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This is how it got published in the news Tamil Herald on 17/03/2018, reproducing it for you! 😉

The Sikhs believe in one thing. My Way or the Highway and that’s what a Sikh from Delhi is set out to achieve.

A Marketing professional from Delhi, Gurpreet SIngh Tikku who’s only connect with food as yet was to EAT, is now all set to grow it.

vallandhai village tamil nadu

That too far away from his Homeland, Punjab also known as Wheat Bowl of India.

Sources from Tamil Nadu property Registration department tell us that a consortium of Investors and Farmers led by him have bought and registered 150 acres of land parcel in their name for agriculture purpose.

We were able to talk with Mister Tikku yesterday and were surprised that he shall be growing Tomatoes and Strawberries there.

vallandhai village tamil nadu

He may have many reasons for this, but top reason is that he Loves Colour Red and since Tomatoes and Strawberries are Red in colour he would go with it.

This is interesting but at the same time Unusual. However, the kind of feats he has achieved in the past this does not look unachievable.

vallandhai village tamil nadu

We went to Rettanai Village to see if they have any information in this regard. And the Sarpanch, Vishwanathan Ramamurthy Iyer tells us that “Mister Tikku had visited the village 3 months ago for the Land recce. He seemed to be a pleasant man. Though our Languages were different but Smile is a common language and he speaks it very well”

vallandhai village tamil nadu

He also Added “ This is the first time ever any Turbaned Sikh man has visited the village. And since most of the Villagers have never gone beyond the district, they were seeing a  Sikh man in Blood and Flesh for the very first time”

Sarpanch Adds, “When we got to know he is here for buying land for Cultivation, we resisted, but then a Bright Village Lad showed us how he has searched about him on Internet and how he is a big Food Lover and hence we allowed the land sale to proceed without any objections”

Vallandhai Village, Sikh Farmers turn Barren Land into Orchards

They are also connecting this development to the similar one that was in news 3 years ago where a group of Sikhs had brought a Barren land parcel in Village Vallandhai and converted it into orchards and inspired many local people.

Report :  In Tamil Nadu, Sikh Farmers Turn Barren Land Into Orchards

Mister Tikku in his message tells us that he Loved Rettanai and its people and will do his bit in generating Employment for Locals and also use advanced techniques to deal with the tough Soil here.

He has already developed a small patch of land and the results are good.

This Project does have the potential to change the fortunes of Rettanai Village.

PS : If you think this is Fake News, Then you are right. 🙂

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