PappaRoti – Truly Father of BUNS

Let me Admit, I Loved the name PAPPAROTI when i heard it first. Socha ki koi indian brand hai who is using the word Roti.

But then yeh bhi yaad aaya ki when I went to Review the Food at Air Asia Headquarters In Malaysia last year, to wahaan bhi ek Dish thi called Roti jala.

So maine apne Khyaalo ko shaant kiya and read more about it and got to know ki it’s a Malaysian brand that started around 15 years ago In malaysia and is now 400 Outlets strong in countries like China, Dubai and now in India apart from Malaysia ofcourse.

3 months back when I had a meeting in Cyber Hub I was talking on phone, heading towards my meeting destination and then tabhi I smelled aroma of Fresh bread (Like the one you get when you cross the Britannia ki factory wala Lawrence Road ka flyover) and I turned right to see this huge Outlet called Pappa Roti.

papparoti cyberhub dlf
Shikha Dutt then Mehul Gupta and Me

Raha nahi gaya and I called my friend to come over to this place for a meeting rather than our prefixed venue.

PappaRoti, Cyberhub DLF

papparoti cyberhub dlf

And when I left the place after 2 hours I had a Smile on my face and a hop in my step.

The Nutella hazelnut Bun, The Bunny Chow and the Hot Chocolate had given me enough reason to be happy.

papparoti cyberhub dlf

Uske baad I went there twice for the Buns and Hot Chocolate and always came back happy.

Seeing my love for the brand, I was invited to a Preview of their new outlet at mall of India, NOIDA.

Ab you know I stay in Rajouri garden and Noida jaana accha khaasa struggle hai. But then good Food ke liye kahi bhi jayega. So pahunch gaye.

Mall of India is aptly Titled because of its vastness, brands and people who visit the place.

Been here earlier and have dined at MiP, Mamagoto, Cafe Delhi Heights, Pirates of Grill, Oh So Stoned etc Etc.

Ab The PappaRoti Outlet was getting its final touches, just like a Christian Bride who is wearing her gown, Make Up Done and waiting for the headgear to be worn.

And yahaan bhi wohi hua.

Mujhe yeh pata tha ki First floor hai and I was roaming there khushboo door talak chali aayi and pulled me towards herself.

Chalo ab btata hu Kuch heezein aapko about Pappa Roti.

Why the name Pappa Roti

Because yeh Sab ROTI ka pappa hai yaani Father of All Buns.

Where do they get the buns from?

The Special Secret Dough for Buns are Imported from Malaysia by all the outlets across the world. And once here they are dressed with a creamy layer of Coffee and Caramel, which when heated turns into a wonderful Crust of those amazing buns.

The Buns can be had it like this only or dressed with Nutella And Hazelnuts, Strawberry Sauce, Honey and 10 other combinations. I tried 4 and have loved all of them, my fav being Plain And then Nutella with hazelnuts.

Goes well with Frappes, Iced Teas, Hot Tea, Milk, Coffee and my Favourite a Mug of Hot Chocolate.

papparoti cyberhub dlf

They also have a Special Range of Chai’s, Paninis, Bobby Chows that fill your tummy when you need to.

papparoti cyberhub dlf

Now you must be wondering ki mein jaau kyu?

Then let me tell you, Go if You like GOOD Baked Stuff. Their BUNS are amazing. Also pack some, the Life of a normal Bun is good 40 hours Plus.

Go when you want to have a quiet Meeting or a Date.

Go when You want to work alone in peace with just Your Coffee for Company.

Go When You are happy and want to feast. Then you can have 2 Buns, Nutella wala bhi and Strawberry sauce wala bhi.

Go when you want to Uplift your mood. Pappa Roti Bun and a cup of tea can do that well.

Oh yes, I forgot to tell you Breakfast bhi acha hai, though I did not try it as yet, but will go back for their Egg Benedict. My Fav Breakfast Item when I’m at a Cafe.

Arre ek Reason aur, Go to PappaRoti, to Click their Buns and post them on your Instagram Account. They look as good as they taste and that would add a Few Food Lovers to your Account.

Last walaa was said in mazaak, but stands true 🙂

On my way back I bought 2 plain buns and woh khatam ho gaye,  so ab mein chala, varna likhte likhte aur talab lag jayegi and would have to rush to Pappa Roti Cyber Hub for another few.


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