Once Upon a time in Indore

Pata Chala ki kal Actor Emraan Hashmi Sahab ka janamdin tha.

Some old memories rushed back. Memories from year 2010, Maya by Gitanjali, Indore Store opening coinciding with the release of movie “Once upon a time in Mumbai”

Emraan Hashmi

It was a roller coster ride from the date it was announced to the time Emraan left our showroom.
The worst moment was when someone churaoed my Nokia ka Patli Pin wala charger and left me helpless and sleepless a night before the event. I was the person who was handling it all and my phone not working would have screwed everything.

I literally did not sleep that night and then got a relief when subah 6 am ko one of my Team paid an Akhbaar Waala double the money for his charger.
Second was when we got an unprecedented crowd of a few thousand gathered outside our store after getting to know Emraan Hashmi is inside.
My arrangement of 10 Bouncers seemed a lot less to handle them.

We tried to exit from the back gate but there was a crowd waiting there too.

Then we did a trick… We got his car of the day, A White Audi on the rear entry of the store.
Sabko laga he will exit picche se and picche chale gaye. Bas 200 aage reh gaye.

I got my Escort Vehicle an Innova on the main gate and asked Emraan to rush at the count of 3.
He did, Sat in the car and drove away.

Reached Dainik Bhaskar office and I heaved a sigh of relief and celebrated it with a chicken Sandwich from KBC. Khurana Bakery and Cakes 🙂 Uski bhi alag kahani hui, Bataunga kabhi 🙂

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