New Way To Cook with a Smile :)

Cooking can be fun too!!

I never knew that until I tried cooking myself…haanji I can cook also.. yaad hai na aapko?  TanPass Chicken.

Whenever you do something new there are 10 other things that you learn in the process. Just like I did, cooking was never my thing until the time I cooked..just a simple recipe yet it made me it was something I did myself.

Aur hum to mante he hai Sharing is posted my recipe ussi samay on my Facebook account and Bhaut saara pyaar toh mila he aur kuch queries bhi ayi…that if they want to cook the same recipe other than Microwave then what.

Ab hum toh naye they isliye searched online for other options and then came to know that there are many other options one can go for..OTG, Oven, Electric Tandoor etc.

I am amazed to see the number of options we have in the market today…but still what to buy is the bigger question. Jitna useful and convenient option ho utna he acha ..while reading on the new inventions came across the latest InfinitiCook Halogen Oven by Usha, which harnesses the power of light as the source of energy for effective and efficient cooking.

halogen oven
Usha InfinitiCook Halogen Oven

Kamaal toh yeah hai you can not just bake, roast and grill you can also air fry, bar-b-que, braise, thaw, and air dry it too with a single drop of oil which serves the modern consumer’s need for versatility and healthy cooking without compromising on taste. This looks trendy and is also very easy to clean.The price ranges from INR 11,050/- to INR 16, 580/-.

Usha OTG


And then Usha also has an OTG which caters to cooking enthusiasts who want a healthy way to bake, toast, grill, and roast. Available in vibrant colors (Humara favorite Red bhi hai) and ranging from INR 4,510/- to 14, 830/-.

Ab toh humara bhi man hai to update our kitchen with the new range of these appliances.  Surely something by USHA. 🙂

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