Let’s get a bit Fishy with Ayandrali Dutta

Last Sunday ki same time ki kahani 🙂

My Palate for fish has always been a limited one.

However a few days back my dear friend Ayandrali Dutta had invited us to our home and introduced us to some great “Fish Dish”

A few days back she was doing a formal lunch with “Commeat” (https://www.facebook.com/groups/984215331615230/) and seeing the menu that had Fish, Fish and Fish I could not resist to book a slot.

Let’s get a bit FISHY


On the appointed day, I reached a bit late. However was happy to see the table with all Fish Dishes. Thankfully they were untouched.

The Menu included,
“Phuti Maach bhaja” (Small fish fry) – Avoided this as it was small and with many Kaantaa’s. Mujhe jaise non-bengali ko isko khaane ka sahi tareeka sekhte hue hi ek ghanta lag jaata.

“Macher dimer bora” (Fish Roe fritters)- They were good.

“Macher Matha diye pui saag” (Vine spinach with fish head)- The best of the Lot. Very Flavourful. Helped myself with 3 servings

“Macher matha diye moong daal” (Moong daal with fish head) – Again a great dish. Thankfully she had not put in small fish heads. Rather one big one which was chopped into many. Abhi mere se Dekh ke khaya nahi jaata.

“Rui macher kalia” ( Rohu in Red gravy)- Mast macchi this was and bit tangy too

“Chingri Macher Malaikari” (Prawn is cooked in a coconut milk gravy)- Ahaaan…… my FAV. I love prawns par dilli mein hamesha without shell hi khaye hai. Par these were BIG Prawns with orange shells. And every bite was Duma-dam mast. Super Juicy and the flavor of Coconut milk was awesome. Till some time back I was not fond of Coconut milk, par one visit to Singapore changed it. They use lots and lots of it. Specially in Malay food.

All this was served with rice and maza aa gaya. Many macchis were aisi jinme bahut kaante the and the ever gracious host Ayandrali ensured that bareek kaanto wali macchi mein se she removed all the kaantas using her hands and I gave her lots of mauke to do this with my repeated servings.

Also on table was Homemade Mango Chutney and I was already looking forward to it as I saw a pic of hers cooking Mango as we do to a Baingan to make it. It was unlike any other that I have had. Par dhyaan zyada mera macchi par hi tha.


“Narkel Nadu” – Scraped coconut & date palm jiggery sweets. Isko to maine khana khane se pehle hi kha liya tha. Ek kha lo to uska swaad aapko zubaan par paanch minute tak sargam bjata tha. Super Small Ladoos and Super Dum they had.

“Payasam”- Post the Lunch we were treated to Payasam (Kheer) jisko acche se karraa (Condense) gaya tha and had loads of Dryfruits. I was helping in serving the Payasam in small bowls for others l, par third ya fourth bowl wale mein bahut saare Dry fruits aa gaye and I chupke se kept that aside for myself. Haaan haan mein kameena hu!!

By the way uski bhi teen katorri kha gaya. Pata nahi agli baari kab mauka mile.

And saath mein jo gappe maari uska hisaab na hi du to acha hai. My jaw still aches because we laughed uncontrollably that day

Ayandrali jee.. Can’t thank you enough for this!! There is only one thing better than you food. And its the love you shower while we eat your preparations.

Ruchika Jee Eesha jee.. Thanks for Organising “Let’s get a bit FISHY”
Looking forward to be a part of many more such awesome events

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