Imly Express Dwarka | It’s here!

Imly completes 2 years this week and is very close to us as we ran our first Promo for Mister Tikku Members here.

The promo was that every Mister Tikku Member gets a Free Bunta and a Jalebi Platter ( for 2) for no charge what so ever.
No Terms and Conditions applied.

More than 100 Mister Tikku members availed the offer and referred their Friends and Family to have the experience the awesomeness of IMLY 

The Love has grown over the years and has spread to Noida, Gurgaon and Rajouri Garden.

And now Dwarka wale just got Luckier as Imly has started #ImlyExpress.

Imly Express Dwarka delivers the trademark Imly Food items to your Home.

Means Ghar Baithe Imly ke maze.

We got an experience of the same and would like to share with aap sabke saath 

Pehli baat to Packing is Mast… good to see… leak proof… Food grade.

Food comes with Tissue Papers and a Packet containing Imly Toffies and Saunf 

Pyaaz Chutney are Separately acche se packed.

Normally Ghar Golgappe toote hue aate hai.. Not here and the Aloo Cholle mix, Saunth, Jaljeera, Meetha Paani all come packed separately and Gol Gappe bhi saabut.

Fir aayi Inke Cheese Dosa Ki baari…. kaash ek aur hota… As my family lapped it up and good to see my kids loving it too. The chutneys came in Generous quantity and Sambar was great too.

Cholle Bhature bhi the… I have loved the Cholle Bhature of Imly and sach kahu… Mujhe nahi pata kaise maine galti se cholle Bhature order kar diye. Cholle Bahture kahi ke bhi ho wahi jaakar garam khaane ka maza aata hai. So avoid it in delivery for logistic reason and not other wise. 





Uske baad we had Soya Chaap and Paneer Tikkas…. Have to say Soya chaap was superb in all senses and Malai Paneer was mast 



Makhni Dal to Kamaal ki hi hai…. And Gatte ki subzi bhi acchi thi. And they came with Garlic Naan and laccha Paranthas covered properly in a foil.

Over all saaf suthra khaana that you find in their restaurants.


And Ab Jab Imly ki baat aati hai to Pehle Jalebi Rabrri aati hai and then Boondi Paak Rabbri.

Dono meri favourite hai.

Rather Inki Jalebi par to ek Kavita bhi likhi hai humne..

Naush Farmaye 



Kudrat banane wala bhi kamaal karta hai…..
Jahaan khataas ho wahi mithaas rakhta hai….
Tabhi to shayad IMLY ki chaat to chatpati hai hi….
Lekin uski Jalebi ko bhi khaas rakhta hai


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