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Our evening visit to “Cafe Public Connection” was unlike most of the evenings my friend and I hang out together. Even though we were going to add another flower to our bouquet of experiences, this time it wasn’t about a full-fledged restaurant review, like our readers are mostly used to.

Cafe Public Connection was the venue chosen by Gadre Seafood Premium to launch their latest range of processed seafood – and their idea of the things you could do with it.

Consider a roll of salami or a pack of nuggets: you could pull them out of your fridge after midnight and savour them chilled or microwave/pan-heat them up for heightened flavour.

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Gadre’s Brand Manager, Ms Sneha Sharma, pointed out that lovers of seafood are devoid of the pleasure of processed options. With this in mind, the company had launched a range of Basa nuggets (served fried and grilled, respectively with barbecue sauce, to us), Crab Claws (succulent crab meat processed into cuboidal sticks and packaged into raw crab fingers), and Crab cakes (crab meat pressed and deep-fried into potato-infused cakes). We found the crab cakes lacking a tiny bit on the seafood, but fell rather in love with the chef’s special crab soup: a serving of delectable coconut soup, mounted with a stick of processed crab bits and capsicum slices. This was rounded off with a plate of leafy, tropical salad with a profusion of crab bites that leant heavily on the sweeter side.

Some how the Crab Claws is what got my attention and thanks to the Gadre team that they gave us a small hamper that had the Crab Claws too. The very next day I fried them and was amazed at the outcome. Strangely, It came out much better than the Chef at cafe Public Connection had done for us. Perfect Golden Colour, Great texture and amazing taste in each bite. I’m going to get more of them now 🙂

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To cut a long story short, Gadre has done a much-needed favour to those who crave for both seafood and processed eatables. My friend and I returned home, discussing how far the company can go in this direction.


So next time you are at Godrej’s Nature Basket or MORE, then do not forget to pick one of these packets and try yourself the Magic of Gadre’s Sea Food products 🙂

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