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Chala Tikku Copywriter Ban’ne….

  Pic of Sadar Bazar Station Image Source In 2001, I was living a life which everyone wants to. A cushy comfortable Life, working at Family’s 50 year old Shop in Sadar Bazar, Travelling by our comfortable AC Car, Selling

“Na Kar Bura, Na Ho Bura”—-Yash Chopra

I do watch movies but have a very limited relationship with them, not as much as many of my friends do. The only offline relation I had with Movies was of escorting some Movie Stars to my official Events in

The Gift of Lessons, My Gifting Company Taught Me.

This is my Real Life Story and I wanted to share with everyone.  I learnt a few Lessons from my experience which I think would be beneficial for fellow Entrepreneurs. I am still using those learning’s today and have tried